Business Succession Planning

The right choices today can have a tremendous positive impact on the future.

If you are like hundreds of other entrepreneurs and business owners you are putting your energy and focus into building your business. You have a business plan and policies and procedures, but do you have procedures or a succession plan to deal with the issues that would arise if you or your business partners should become disabled, or a natural disaster should hit, or if a key person in your business should die unexpectedly?

Our experienced attorneys can help you with your business succession planning. Our services in business succession planning include guiding you through the transfer of business interests to successors, drafting and creating business trusts, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements and other business related documents. We tailor our services to your requirements whether they are complex or more basic.

We focus on assisting you with your planning issues in the most beneficial and efficient manner for you and your business. We understand that life time planning is important to the successful transition of your business interests.

Our attorneys have unique business experience and are members of the New Hampshire Estate Planning Council and other high esteemed professional organizations.

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