Not-for-Profit Organizations and Governance

Recent crises at prominent charitable institutions demonstrate that the need for effective nonprofit governance is greater than ever. Gone are the days where service as a director of a nonprofit is, primarily, a symbolic or social pursuit. Today, nonprofit leadership must ensure that the organization is continually:

  • Fulfilling its charitable mission and meeting the needs of its community;
  • Operating in a fiscally responsible manner;
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulation

Organizations in crisis often find that they failed to have governance policies and practices in place to ensure that these fundamental principles were adhered to on an ongoing basis. Our Not-for-profit practice attorneys advise organizations and their governing boards on how to proactively achieve healthy and responsible governance practices including:

  • Creation of organizational and governing documents, bylaws, and intercompany agreements;
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations such as IRS rules, conflict of interest laws, and state charitable trust laws;
  • Tools and practices for monitoring mission fulfillment and development of responsible strategic plans;
  • Promotion of corporate integrity and responsible business practices
  • Tools and practices for responsible financial oversight.
  • Advice and counsel on board effectiveness
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • See Attorney Donald Crandlemire's " 10 Questions Every Non-Profit Board Should Ask"

For organizations facing crisis or change we provide:

  • Strategic options analysis
  • Crisis management services
  • Internal investigations
  • Representation before the Director of Charitable Trusts and other Regulatory Bodies.
  • Representation in cy pres and other court proceedings
  • Representation in transactions and joint ventures
  • Privatization proceedings

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