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Our criminal defense team regularly defends theft offenses in New Hampshire & Maine. New Hampshire & Maine have been no stranger to breaches of trust when public officials and private employees are accused of stealing. Sadly, our state has also seen an apparent increase in home invasions as well as convenience and drug store robberies. When such allegations surface, our criminal defense team stands ready to assist. Understanding theft means looking beyond the allegation and into the circumstances surrounding it. Regularly, drug abuse, gambling addition, job loss and/or a failing relationship or marriage can create financial catastrophe and, too often, a theft occurs set against this backdrop.

A good criminal lawyer not only defends the offense, but can assess the circumstances surrounding it, establishing a plan of action to attack the underlying problem. Call now to get started!

In so doing, we can assist clients to demonstrate to the community, law enforcement, the prosecutor and the court, that they are worthy of a fair result. In other instances, our clients are wrongly charged with theft and our attorneys are positioned to dig in, develop defenses and prepare for trial. Defending theft cases, may require the use of forensic accountants to make sure to locate holes in the State's case. Depending on the circumstances of a case and/or the value of missing property, a theft offense may range from a felony to a misdemeanor, include substantial stand committed jail and prison sentences, involve difficult restitution issues and result in high fines. New Hampshire theft offenses include theft by unauthorized taking, theft by deception, theft of services and theft by misapplication or property as well as crimes such as shoplifting or willful concealment, robbery and burglary.

In our experience, a home invasion or store robbery are dealt with harshly because they involve the invasions of a home or business and are viewed as enormously disruptive to victims. For example, robbery and burglary are felonies because they are considered so personal, involving either invasion of a person's home or other occupied building, or the theft of property from another's person. These crimes include exposure to lengthy jail or prison sentences and fines of up to $4,000. Convictions to such offenses have an enormous impact on a person's criminal record, often resulting in a lack of trust by future employers, friends and family members. That is why any individual who has been charged with a theft crime should hire a New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer right away.

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Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. is a top-notch defense firm serving all of New Hampshire. Our growing legal team will work together on your case to ensure that you receive the strongest defense and most effective representation available. Our firm strives to have the best criminal defense attorneys in New Hampshire. Over the past 30 years, our firm has obtained numerous awards and other forms of recognition for its success, including high ratings on Avvo and inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America®. If you are in need of defense for your theft crime charges, our firm is here for you!

Contact our offices today to set up a consultation appointment with a skilled attorney. We also practice criminal defense in Maine. Our criminal lawyers support each client throughout their difficult criminal process and fight vigorously until the very end. We will never stop building your defense until we achieve the best possible outcome.

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