Licensing Issues

Professional Licensing

Our experienced team frequently represents providers in obtaining licensure and in defending against allegations of professional misconduct before the New Hampshire professional licensing boards, including the Boards of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Mental Health, and others. We prefer a proactive approach, intervening early and actively managing the case throughout. We routinely assist clients in responding to subpoenas and investigations and, when necessary, at hearings before the Board.

Beyond the Board proceedings, we are aware of the many collateral consequences which may arise as a result of a Board investigation or disciplinary action and assist clients in anticipating, limiting, and managing such consequences as appropriate. These include, but are not limited to, criminal, civil and administrative actions which may be related to the Board matter, credentialing issues, required disclosures to third-party payers and others, minimizing the negative business implications, and responding to media inquiries.

Facility Licensing

We routinely assist providers in obtaining health care facility licensure, in maintaining compliance with licensure standards, and in responding to governmental inquiries or investigations related to licensure. Our experienced professionals are familiar with the requirements of governmental third-party payers as they relate to licensure and assist providers in navigating this complex regulatory scheme.

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