Licensing Issues

Professional Licensing

Our experienced team frequently represents providers in obtaining licensure and in defending against allegations of professional misconduct before the New Hampshire Boards of Medicine, Dentistry, Mental Health and others. We seek to resolve these matters in a manner that protects our client's ability to practice while minimizing public scrutiny. Generally, we take a creative and proactive approach, intervening early and actively managing the case throughout. We are fully aware of the impact an allegation of professional misconduct can have on a provider and seek to minimize any negative impact. Having an attorney who knows the process and is experienced in handling these matters, including the management of potential collateral consequences is essential.

We have had a number of cases where disciplinary action by the Board could have resulted in exclusion from participation in federal health care programs. We have worked with providers throughout the process to avoid this devastating outcome with great success.

Facility Licensing

We routinely assist providers in meeting licensure requirements, addressing certificate of need requirements, obtaining licensure and responding to governmental inquiries. This is an area with many pitfalls for the inexperienced provider. Given our experience, we are able to anticipate the licensure issues that arise during business transactions including changes of ownership, avert unnecessary delay and avoid traps for the unwary.

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