Patient Privacy

Our team is recognized statewide for its expertise in the area of patient privacy and security. We routinely conduct on-site risk assessments for providers and prepare policies, procedures and programs to address identified needs. S&G is especially aware of the intersection between federal and state law as it relates to patient privacy and assists providers in navigating these complex issues. Our attorneys are often invited to speak about these matters by professional organizations and routinely address issues related to the appropriate disclosure of protected health information. Fundamentally, we understand the essential need to maintain patient privacy and the balancing of interests that occurs when determining whether to disclose information in response to requests from family members, governmental agencies, law enforcement and others.

Our attorneys are well prepared to assist providers through all aspects of responding to a breach of protected health information, including guiding the breach investigation, facilitating the forensic analysis, making the breach notification, responding to inquiries from state and federal officials, and handling media inquiries.

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