Benefits of Our Attorney Resources

Our Approach to Legal Representation Goes Beyond the Basics

For more than 60, Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.'s lawyers have proudly served the residents of Maine & New Hampshire, becoming a reliable source for legal advice in a wide range of practice areas. Whether we are representing an institution or an individual, we are focused on client satisfaction.

As one of Northern New England's larger law firms, we draw on our depth of human resources, range of practice areas, broad network of contacts, technology and breadth of experience in the localities we serve in order to assist our clients to achieve their goals.

Using Innovative Technologies & Cutting-Edge Techniques to Solve Problems

The Role of Technology During Investigative Procedures

Technology plays a tremendous role in the process of case investigation. From personal injury claims to criminal defense matters, our lawyers and legal professionals utilize technology to uncover evidence in our cases. We rely on various research tools to conduct financial investigations and property and asset searches. We scrub social media outlets to identify evidence and information to support and undercut legal claims.

Professional Network and Expert Contacts

We rely on our professional networks to improve the services we provide to our clients. We have established relationships with scientific and mental health experts to assist us to evaluate and build our criminal defense and personal injury cases. We rely on financial planners, real estate professionals, accountants and other professionals to assist our business, estate planning and family law clients to respond to a range of legal and business related concerns. We have existed in the communities we serve for decades and have established relationships in our courthouses and communities. We rely on these relationships to improve the services we supply to our clients.

Case Preparation and Presentation

We rely on technology and teamwork to present often complicated concepts to audiences in a range of venues. We represent clients in jury trials, board rooms, at administrative hearings and before municipal and other boards. Preparation for presentations in a variety of settings is essential. Our lawyers take the time to be conversant in the facts of their case, understand the law that applies to it and prepare a presentation in a manner that is compelling for a targeted audience. They apply the latest in courtroom presentation software in order to simplify complicated concepts and make mundane matters more compelling.

We are equipped to manage voluminous information and documents, engage in the latest in electronic discovery and digest information in order to support our cases and confront the claims of our adversaries.

Our Distinguishing Awards & Honors