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Types of Divorce & Family Law Cases in Maine

We handle all types of divorce and family law issues. Let us guide you through any of the following matters:

  • Child custody and visitation - We can help parents decide on custody and visitation schedules that make sense for your family and your child's best interest.
  • Child support - We believe in making sure that your child receives the financial support they need to thrive. We work with our clients to make sure that child support payments are fair and accurate.
  • Alimony and spousal support - Whether you are requesting alimony or making payments on a temporary or permanent basis, we can help advocate for your financial interests
  • High net-worth divorces - We have extensive experience handling divorces involving complex financials, such as those involving business owners, hidden assets, property valuation, and more.
  • Prenuptial agreements - Before tying the knot, protect your assets and financial future with a prenuptial agreement. All couples can benefit from having a prenup in the event of a divorce.
  • Property division - Dividing assets and debts equitably can be complicated. Having an attorney can help ensure that your financial interests are safeguarded.
  • Relocation - In some cases, one parent may choose to relocate after a divorce, which leaves a number of issues that must be resolved, such as modifying custody. We can help clients find a balanced arrangement to such matters.
  • Domestic violence - We can help domestic violence victims obtain a protective order and take steps to help ensure you and your children are safe.
  • Modifications - The courts understand that life's circumstances can change, which is why they allow for modification requests. If you need to modify child support, child custody or alimony, we can guide you through the process.

FAQs About Divorcing in Maine

How long is the divorce process in Maine?

After the initial paperwork has been filed, there is a 60-day waiting period for the final hearing. In some cases, the entire process can take much longer if you and your spouse need to negotiate the terms of custody, alimony/spousal support, property division, etc. If your case requires litigation, the process can take even longer.

What are the requirements to file a divorce in Maine?

To file a divorce in Maine, you must satisfy one of the residency requirements, which includes:

  • You resided in Maine for at least 6 months before filing
  • You or the other party are residents of the state and were married in Maine
  • You are a resident of the state when you filed for divorce, and both parties lived in Maine when the divorce occurred.

How is property divided in a Maine divorce?

Assets debts are divided using "equitable distribution," which means that the division should be fair and equitable (not necessarily an equal split). The division depends on the contribution of each spouse during the marriage, economic status of each spouse, and the value of property awarded to each party.

Compassionate Legal Guidance for Families

We embrace our position as counselors at law, especially when helping clients navigate a difficult legal battle related to their marriage or children. Our level of experience in the divorce and family law field allows us to provide clients with the compassion and professionalism that they need and deserve. We are familiar with a wide range of legal matters associated with divorce. Let us use our skill to help you find the best possible resolution to your family law case.

Our practice areas encompass virtually every matter related to divorce, support, and custody. Every divorce is complicated, especially if it involves significant assets or debt. This is why our team of experienced divorce attorneys in Maine is ready to handle high net-worth divorces and the unique challenges associated with them. We are also prepared to find a strategic solution to your property division, child custody, fathers' rights, child support, and spousal maintenance matters.

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