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Have You Lost a Loved One in a Preventable Accident?

The Maine & New Hampshire wrongful death attorneys at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. have decades of experience protecting the rights of families who have lost a loved one in a case of wrongful death. From deaths caused by car accidents or motorcycle accidents, we've handled nearly every type of claim.

If you are contemplating taking legal action against a negligent employer, property owner, driver, or any other responsible party, our firm is ready to take immediate action to investigate your case and bring your family justice.

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Who Can Make a Wrongful Death Claim?

In the state of Maine, a wrongful death claim can be filed when the reckless, careless, or intentional act of an individual or party causes a person’s death. Essentially, a wrongful death claim is a type of personal injury claim in which the injured person is no longer able to bring their case to court. In Maine, any person who is interested in the estate of the deceased, including a family member, friend, or other party, may file a civil suit.

A wrongful death lawsuit must be brought within two years in Maine. After this time, the state’s statute of limitations will prevent the case from being heard in court and all rights to legal action will be forfeit. It is important to pay attention to these deadlines so that surviving family members do not miss out on their opportunity to take legal action.

Bringing Justice to Families in Maine

You know that the loss of a loved one is one of the most unbearable and difficult situations you may ever encounter. While no amount of money will ever ease the loss of your loved one, it is your right to pursue financial compensation to help offset costs related to the accident, including medical bills and funeral costs. You may also be able to obtain compensation for a number of non-economic damages, including loss of consortium, loss of financial support, pain and suffering experienced by the deceased person before their passing, and emotional anguish. In cases with particularly egregious circumstances, exemplary (punitive) damages may also be awarded to discourage further misconduct in the future.

Wrongful death claims are about much more than just money – they are a way to hold guilty parties responsible for their negligence and help ensure that others are protected from similar accidents. For more than 60 years, Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. has been a trusted source of high-quality legal counsel for people in Maine and New Hampshire. Our compassionate yet tenacious lawyers truly care about the clients they serve and take pride in providing them with personalized legal representation and open lines of communication. Whatever your concerns, you can trust in our experience to guide you through your case and help you achieve a satisfactory outcome.

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