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Throughout diverse practice areas, we know that our clients come to our firm with a common goal: exceptional results-oriented legal services in a cost-effective manner. At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., we have been proudly representing clients throughout Maine and New Hampshire for more than 35 years.

Experience, knowledge, and professionalism often lead to success in law. However, at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., we require more of our lawyers. With our energy and effort, we set the standard of excellence in the legal community. We pride ourselves in blending that work ethic with experience and intellect in order to deliver successful outcomes to our clients.

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There is no case too large or case too small for the attorneys at Shaheen & Gordon, PA. We take your need for legal representation seriously. Every member of our firm understands the sense of urgency necessary to respond to legal issues that have a profound impact on your life. The legal team at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. applies tenacity and creativity to secure results.

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Personal Injury

No one expects to get in an accident. If you have been involved in a serious accident due to someone else's negligence, our Maine personal injury lawyers are ready to help. Injuries lead to medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and can reshape our clients' dreams for the future. Our personal injury team works with our clients to evaluate the circumstances surrounding an accident, identify those responsible, investigate the facts and establish a plan for recovery. We have worked with families grieving the loss of a loved one or struggling to survive lost income due to injury. Our personal injury team works with our clients to absorb the stress of an unanticipated accident, handle the legal difficulties and complexities of unpaid medical bills and insurance coverage, explain the process and formulate a strategy to compensate our clients for what they have lost. We have established relationships with experts and investigators and build cases in a way that maximizes the recovery for our injured clients. We are uniquely proud of our ability to try personal injury cases in court, but also apply alternative dispute resolution where sensible to achieve our clients' objectives. We seek justice for victims, financial security for those have suffered a disruption due to an injury or wrongful death and are proud of our track record of success. We seek to vindicate the interests of those injured in motor vehicle accidents, work place mishaps, premises liability and due to defective products as well as under a myriad of other circumstances. If you have questions regarding your injury or that of a loved one, our Maine personal injury team is ready to assist you to understand your rights.

Divorce and Family Law

Family law cases are deeply personal, often impacting parenting, property and financial matters. Effective family law representation requires patience and perseverance. We work with our clients to understand their goals, shape a strategy aimed at achieving them and pride ourselves on communicating with our clients every step of the way. Our Maine divorce and family lawyers have handled all types of family-related disputes and legal matters, including divorce, custody disputes, child support and alimony, high net worth divorces, property division, guardianship, adoption, grandparent rights, paternal rights, maternal rights, prenuptial agreements and others. We appreciate the intersection between family law and our other practice areas and have the depth to address the real estate, financial planning and tax issues that commonly surface in family law cases. Our family law team appreciates the emotion that often characterizes issues that relate to custody, property and financial matters and apply clarity of thought and legal experience to assist clients to navigate them. Our family law team is ready to work with you to manage the difficult issues implicated by divorce and family law cases and realize the future that you envisioned for you and your family.

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including arbitration, are playing an increasingly important role in resolving legal disputes. Our Maine lawyers have earned a reputation as skillful, effective mediators who are frequently successful in achieving satisfactory resolutions between opposing parties. They are known and respected for being fair to all sides and their willingness to be persistent and work hard to resolve even the most difficult and complex cases. They have successfully mediated a wide variety of cases, including business, construction, employment, personal injury, insurance, medical malpractice, divorce, probate and elder law, and real estate. Because of their extensive litigation experience and reputation for being impartial, they are often asked to serve as arbitrators by other lawyers and referees by the Courts.

Criminal Law

Our criminal defense lawyers defend individuals and entities charged with criminal offenses in State and Federal court. Nothing can be more frightening to our clients and their families than facing a criminal charge. The consequences can be grave. Criminal convictions can result in incarceration, a criminal record, registry obligations, job loss and have a fracturing impact on families. Our criminal defense team includes former prosecutors at the state and federal level and seasoned criminal defense attorneys. With this experience as a backdrop, our criminal defense lawyers pour over discovery materials in order to identify constitutional and factual defenses to criminal charges. We regularly litigate search and seizure issues, Miranda violations, mental health defenses and scientific issues in our cases. We have established relationships with scientific and mental health experts to assist in evaluating issues common to criminal cases. We regularly utilize investigators to uncover facts that police and prosecutors left behind. Our criminal defense attorneys pride themselves on pre-trial litigation and trial preparation and find that diligently preparing for trial in court often creates opportunities to resolve cases prior to trial. Our criminal lawyers understand that creating opportunities to resolve criminal cases often manages the draconian consequences of criminal charges. We also understand that not all criminal cases resolve in satisfactory plea bargains. When negotiations fail, our criminal defense team prides itself on its trial work, regularly securing not guilty verdicts for clients after trial. We apply this philosophy no matter the charge our clients face. From garden variety motor vehicle matters to misdemeanors to major felony offenses, our criminal lawyers understand how the prosecutors prepare criminal cases and apply that knowledge to defending them. We seek to safeguard your liberty, protect your criminal record and preserve your future.

Estate Planning

Identifying client goals and executing a detail oriented plan to achieve them is the hallmark of Shaheen & Gordon's estate planning practice. Our Maine estate planning lawyers work with clients to safeguard their assets, plan for their future and nurture the interests of generations to come. Our lawyers work with clients to create estate plans, identify and minimize tax implications, safeguard property rights and trouble shoot transitional issues in life and after death. With a command of wills, trusts and estate planning, our lawyers work to safeguard your intentions for the disposition of wealth and property. We also regularly respond to family members that find themselves in the midst of disputes that relate to contested wills and probate matters. Our litigators often team with our estate planning lawyers to avoid conflict and to address it when it arises. We work with individuals and businesses to ensure seamless succession planning with an eye toward protecting assets for the next generation to enjoy.

Employment Law

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. represents both employers and employees in legal matters arising out of the workplace. We apply proactive strategies to manage a number of employment issues, including labor disputes, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and other claims related to violations of public policy, state laws, and federal regulations. Whether you are an employer seeking to establish policies to manage employee matters in the work place or an employee that has been the victim of unfair employment or labor practices, our team of Maine employment lawyers regularly advises clients on employment issues and is ready to do so for you or your business.


In civil and criminal cases, our Maine litigation team relies on a comprehensive approach to addressing the threat of courtroom conflict. Our battle tested trial attorneys understand that courtroom success requires effective case management from the start. Effective litigation requires managing discovery to gather facts, thorough research and motion writing, the latest in courtroom presentation technology and a strategy to achieve client objectives. Today's litigator must have the flexibility to charge hard in court and the touch to consider alternative methods for dispute resolution. Communicating with our clients and creating a team that is responsive to the needs of our clients is at the heart of our litigation philosophy. We steward our clients through contested matters in state and federal court as well as in arbitrations and mediations. We cherish the attorney-client relationship, safeguard client confidences and educate clients regarding the risk and reward of varied litigation strategies. We pride ourselves on our written work and our court room advocacy, understanding that persuasive advocacy requires both. We are proud of the high profile cases that we have litigated through successfully through trial, but understand that courtroom victory is not the only measure of success. We work with clients to assess the cost and benefits of contested litigation, develop plans for effective negotiation to resolve conflict and stand ready to present our cases in court when that becomes necessary. We look forward to working with you no matter the size and scope of the project. From complicated commercial litigation to straightforward and minor matters, our litigation team is focused on outcome oriented solutions to achieve client objectives.

Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability

Have you been seriously injured at the workplace? Has your injury caused you to suffer temporary or permanent disability? If so, our Maine personal injury lawyers are ready to help you get the legal assistance that you need to recover. Through the protection of workers' compensation laws, we can help you obtain Workers' Compensation or Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits after your work-related accident.

Real Estate Law

Maine's real estate market is dynamic, blending the history of our ocean front communities with the opportunity of a high tech economy. Our Maine real estate attorneys are ready to assist you with any commercial or residential real estate purchase, sale, lease or sublease. The issues common to Maine real estate are engaging -- from rights of ways to ocean access, our residential real estate attorneys are accustomed to the issues which arise in our communities and seek to safeguard your interests when making real estate investment decisions. We also assist clients in commercial real estate transactions, structuring the purchase of commercial property, tending to business matters relating to such acquisitions, addressing landlord/tenant issues, and advising clients on leases and subleases and local zoning and planning matters. Our real estate attorneys are prepared to guide you through all matters regarding your residential or commercial real estate purchase, sale, or lease.

Business and Corporate Law

To run a business in Maine means to confront a range of critical legal issues. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to them. From business start up to dissolution, we tailor our advice to business clients in a way that accounts for the rhythms of our communities and creates a platform for businesses to thrive. We assist clients to form corporate entities, manage shareholder relations, create contracts, respond to employment and labor issues, and navigate state and federal regulatory matters. Our litigation team stands ready to respond when business disputes arise. With roots in the community, we understand that business advice must reflect the climate of our Maine communities and calls for an individualized approach to suit the client's respective industry.

Corporate Law and Internal Investigations

We represent individuals, entities, companies, corporate boards, committees, and other business professionals in compliance, regulatory matters, internal investigations and fraud investigations at the state and federal level. Our depth of practice areas allows us to apply a comprehensive approach to corporate fraud and internal investigations. Drawing on our experience in white collar defense, employment law, corporate governance and litigation, we assist clients to navigate matters before federal and state courts and regulatory agencies as well as state securities, banking and insurance departments. We understand the impact that internal and fraud investigations can have on the parties involved and fashion a response with the goal of safeguarding the long term business interests of our clients.

Municipal Law

Steeped in tradition and governed by concerned citizens, Maine's small towns, seaside hamlets and larger cities have a wonderful rhythm all their own. Our Maine lawyers represent individuals and businesses throughout the state as they navigate local zoning, business development, planning, and other municipal matters. We assist clients to establish lasting partnerships with local government officials and municipal entities in order to realize opportunity to grow and thrive in the communities where we live and work.

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Our Maine attorneys are rooted in their communities, have decades of experience and share the philosophy of working with clients to identify their goals and applying energy and intellect to achieve them. As one of the fastest growing law firms in Northern New England, we understand that our success is attributable to one thing – client satisfaction. We are honored to be the choice for legal representation for clients throughout Maine.

We have earned our reputation by delivering results for our clients in a cost effective manner. We seek to empower our clients with information, fashion result oriented strategies and take pride in assisting our clients tend to legal matters large and small.

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