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At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., our team of corporate and business law attorneys take great pride in representing businesses, whether they are sole proprietorships, corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC'S) or not for profits. Safeguarding the business interests of our Maine clients requires confronting exceptionally diverse legal issues. The concerns of a family owned seaside restaurant may be distinct from those of a technology start up, but both must properly deal with state and local regulation, a diverse Maine economy and a range of other issues unique to Maine localities.

We have been in practice in Maine for more than 60 years, which means that we are part of the communities we serve and understand the business related legal issues that are common to them. We are committed to the success of the businesses that we represent.

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Corporate & Business Law Practice Areas

Our lawyers respond to a wide range of legal issues on behalf of the businesses and corporations we represent. Whether your corporation is facing litigation or matters related to labor and employment, we can help. Our practice areas include shareholder relations, contract disputes, regulatory matters and licensure, construction law, governmental relations, health care, finance & health care, real estate and land use, startup companies, non-compete agreements, business record keeping and much more.

We work closely with startup business ventures to help them understand contracts, labor and employment and regulatory matters and provide them with general counsel services. Whether you are a big corporation or an individual entrepreneur, our experienced business lawyers are prepared to address your business and corporate law needs.

At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., we understand that success in business relates directly to effectively managing legal issues as they arise. Our lawyers take the time to work with you to identify your goals, assess the legal options available and pursue a path that reflects the priorities of your business.

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No case is too simple or complex for our team. Our mission is clear: to give businesses and not-for-profits the thoughtful grounded legal advice they need to succeed in today's complex business environment. Call our office today to schedule your initial meeting with one of our Maine business attorneys.

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