Alternative Dispute Resolution

Serving Clients Throughout Maine & New Hampshire

Shaheen & Gordon attorneys have earned a reputation as skillful, effective mediators who are frequently successful in achieving satisfactory resolutions between opposing parties. They are known and respected for being fair to all parties and their willingness to be persistent and work hard to resolve even the most difficult and complex cases. They have successfully mediated a wide variety of cases, including business, construction, employment, personal injury, insurance, professional negligence, divorce, probate, securities regulation, and real estate. Because of their extensive litigation experience and recognition for being impartial, they have been asked to serve as arbitrators by other lawyers and referees by the Courts.

Shaheen & Gordon attorneys have been selected to be on numerous mediation and arbitration rosters, including the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, the American Arbitration Association Arbitration Roster, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Arbitration Roster, Resolute Systems National Panel of Mediators, the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights Mediation Roster, the Maine Human Rights Commission Mediation Roster, the Maine Residential Real Estate Mediation Program, and the Maine Superior Court Mediation, Early Neutral Evaluation and Arbitration Rosters.

If you have any questions about your alternative dispute resolution options or our services, contact any member of our group. We look forward to helping resolve your dispute.

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