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Workers' compensation law is designed to provide financial benefits for individuals injured in their workplace. If you suffered a serious accident at work, you may be entitled to workers' compensation to pay for hospitalization, medication, doctor visits, physical therapy, ongoing medical expenses, missed wages, and more.

In order to collect compensation for a workplace injury, you must demonstrate that your injury happened while you were at work. Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.'s experienced team of Maine workers' compensation attorneys can help you get the most out of your claim. Contact our office today to learn more about your options.

Are you entitled to workers' compensation?

As an employee, you understand the importance of hard work. You know that your income, future, and your success depend on your ability to maintain your occupation. If you suffer an injury at work, you may not be able to continue working while you recover. When confronted with a work place injury, even the most dedicated employees face financial hardship due to an absence of work coupled with the expense of mounting medical bills.

If you were injured at work through no fault of your own, your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages may be covered. Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, a workers' compensation claim is not the same as suing your employer. By retaining our attorneys, you may be able to seek the money that you deserve and need by filing a workers' compensation claim with a workers' compensation insurance company.

Seek the Benefits that You Need with Help from Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

After a workplace accident, you may wonder where to turn. With our law firm on your side, you can have confidence that your case is in good hands. Our firm handles workers' compensation claims, third party claims, work-related injuries, rights of injured workers, workplace accidents, and appeals of denied claims. Call our office now to schedule your initial consultation with one of our experienced workers' compensation lawyers.

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