3 Dec. 2015

Attorney Celine Boyle Delivers Opening Statement in Farmington Medical Malpractice Suit

Posted By Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

Earlier this week, our firm’s Attorney Celine Boyle presented an opening statement prior to a civil trial against a doctor who is being sued for medical malpractice.

In 2011, an 84-year-old woman passed away in the Franklin Memorial Hospital after sustaining medical complications related to pneumonia, congestive heart failure, obstructive pulmonary diseases, and more. Immediately after her death, the woman’s granddaughter filed a lawsuit, stating the medical staff breached the standard of care owed during the treatment of her grandmother.

The claims state the doctor did not consider the woman’s case of pneumonia while he performed her diagnosis. The woman was discharged from the hospital and placed in a nursing home, following the doctor’s orders. The doctor allegedly failed to stabilize the woman’s breathing before releasing her from hospital care. The woman’s granddaughter and Attorney Boyle stated this alleged form of negligence is what caused the woman’s death no more than three hours after her release.

Prior to the woman’s hospitalization, she began experiencing unusual signs of persistent drowsiness. After the woman fell from a chair while sleeping, she was admitted to Frathe Hospital. A different doctor recommended she be placed under 24-hour case. Her family complied.

Shortly after, the woman began suffering from difficulty breathing. At this point, the family was advised to take her to the doctor who allegedly performed negligent health care services for the woman’s conditions. While the doctor treated the woman’s pulmonary disease condition, he allegedly failed to consider pneumonia as a cause of her ailment. This is when the doctor instructed the family to place her in a nursing facility although the woman was suffering from major hallucination and difficult breathing.

The trial is expected to persist for a total of five days and conclude on December 7. The trial will take place at the Franklin County Superior Court.

If you would like to learn more about the case, visit this page.

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