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  • 27 Apr. 2016

    What is Mediation and How Can It Help Your Business?

    Posted By Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

    By: Peter W. Schroeter Mediation has become a popular way for individuals and businesses to effectively resolve legal disputes. Previously, direct negotiations between attorneys was the typical method of achieving a settlement, and this process usually happened only after much time and expensive litigation had already taken place. As the costs of litigation have steadily increased over the years, ...
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  • 2 Jun. 2015

    Effective Mediation Practice and Persuasion in Residential Construction Cases

    Posted By Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

    By Peter Schroeter, Esq. Residential construction cases are legally complex, fact intensive and difficult to resolve before incurring significant legal expense that can exceed the amount in controversy if the case goes to trial. Multiple legal theories provide for a variety of different remedies that make recoverable damages difficult to predict. Insurance coverage is often limited because of ...
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  • 11 Mar. 2015

    Condominium Mediation: Discussing Resolution Before Litigation

    Posted By Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

    By Peter Schroeter, Esq. There are unique aspects about condominium disputes that make consideration of early intervention mediation a good idea. Unlike most types of litigation, condominium disputes often put neighbors who share common property interests and see each other daily in an adversarial position. Assessments for legal expenses cause resentment among association members and often ...
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