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For more than 30 years, our legal team has been serving institutional and individual clients throughout northern New England, including New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. By providing specialized legal services, unyielding commitment, and extensive resources, we have assisted clients through the frustrating and demanding legal proceedings in order to secure favorable case results. As such, we have been widely recognized throughout the legal industry and appreciated by our many satisfied clients. Read through some of our client testimonials to learn ways in which Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. genuinely cares about the clients we represent.

I just wanted to say that I think you did an outstanding job. I don’t think any other mediator that I have used in my entire career would have had a snowball’s chance in Hades of settling that case. None would have kept with it as long as you did. Most would have informed me the case could not be settled within 4 hours. You are, by far, the most effective mediator I have ever used. Great job!

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