Catastrophic Injuries

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Physical injuries are considered catastrophic when victims experience severe, long-term or life-altering damages. Catastrophic injuries also tend to involve substantial amounts of medical procedures and treatment as well as lengthy periods of care. The consequences that catastrophic injuries pose to victims and their families can be overwhelming. Intensive, specialized and long-term medical treatments commonly cripple a victim's financial stability by burying him or her in insurmountable debt. In addition, the emotional repercussions can also be severe, as physical limitations, whether temporary or permanent, can greatly compromise a victim's quality of life.

There are no hard lines that conclusively define what constitutes a catastrophic injury. In the most general terms, catastrophic injuries will commonly result in more serious medical procedures or treatment. They may also greatly limit a victim's abilities to work or enjoy life as they normally would for weeks, months, years or even permanently. Some common examples of catastrophic injuries include:

Our personal injury lawyers have worked on numerous catastrophic injury cases throughout the years, and we fully understand how severely victims and their families can be affected. Our goals when providing legal representation are to ensure that you recover the best compensation possible and that you are able to move toward a future recovery with the resources and positive mental outlook you deserve.

Avoid Unfair Compensation

Catastrophically injured victims and their loved ones should never allow themselves to believe that their personal injury claim process will run its course and that they will automatically be compensated for their damages. While legal recourse is available, it does not always result in fair outcomes. In order to avoid unfair compensation and obtain the proactive legal approach that can deliver you results, you need to work with the proven legal team at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

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