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Statistics regarding motorcycle accidents conclusively prove that motorcycle riders run an overwhelmingly high risk of suffering injuries during an accident. Additionally, there is a higher potential that damages will results in serious or catastrophic injuries. As a result, many riders require extensive medical attention, which can cause financial hardship. When accidents are caused by other drivers, riders have the legal right to file personal injury claims in order to recover their damages.

Too often other drivers fail to yield the right of way to motorcycle riders resulting in left turn collisions, collisions following an unsafe lane change, or collisions following a stop sign or traffic light violation.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

Our legal team has handled many motorcycle accident cases throughout our years of practice. This includes representing a diverse set of clients who have experienced many different types of accidents and injuries. We are prepared to represent victims injured in accidents involving sport bike accidents, drunk drivers, negligent drivers, trucking accidents, and single or multiple vehicle collisions. We are also equipped with the resources and skills to handle cases that involve road rash, head injuries, and neck and back injuries.

We are aware that motorcycle riders face unique difficulties during the personal injury claim process. The most important issue is that insurance companies frequently contest claims that involve motorcycle accidents. This is because motorcycle riders have earned a negative stereotype for using unsafe riding behaviors such as high speeds, unsafe lane changes and lane splitting. Insurance companies and adjusters routinely attempt to capitalize on these stereotypes in order to shift fault and liability away from their policy holders, therefore allowing them to pay as little as possible. In New Hampshire, adult riders of motorcycles are not required to wear a helmet.

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Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., has the specialized skills, unique experiences, and sound legal knowledge to handle all types of motorcycle accidents. Whatever your case may bring, our legal team is ready to develop the unique strategies and personally tailored plans to secure the most favorable compensation possible.

We offer free personal injury case evaluations and encourage all injured riders to contact our firm as soon as possible following the collision.

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