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Nursing homes and assisted living facilities serve an important role in providing the support, care, and respect aging residents deserve during their most vulnerable years. Health care providers and their employees have a legal obligation to take steps that ensure the health and safety of residents. They can be held liable for damages and injuries resulting from their failures, abuse, financial exploitation, and negligence.

Shaheen & Gordon has the experience and the resources to successfully litigate claims of injury, abuse, neglect and event death related to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We take elder abuse seriously. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys are ready to work to protect you and your family.

If your loved one has been harmed while in a nursing facility anywhere in New Hampshire, Maine or across northern New England, our proven team is here to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Fighting for Elderly Victims of Abuse, Neglect & Preventable Injury

Our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully litigating claims of abuse, mistreatment, neglect, and even wrongful death against nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Our firm has experience handling cases involving all types of abuse, neglect, and preventable injuries that may occur in assisted living facilities, including:

  • Physical Abuse – Physical abuse may involve an isolated incident or ongoing patterns of violence and excessive force. Victims who have been physically abused may have bruising, unexplained injuries, or changes in behavior caused by assaults by staff, physical restraints, altercations with other residents, and other forms of physical violence.
  • Emotional Abuse – Emotional abuse is a top concern when it comes to nursing homes, as elderly residents are often in fragile or declining states of mental and physical health which can be exacerbated by intimidation, humiliation, isolation, and other forms of psychological and verbal abuse. Families should look for warning signs in their loved one’s behavior, as well as their interactions with staff.
  • Neglect – Negligent care substantially increases the risks for preventable physical and emotional injuries, especially when elderly residents depend on caregivers for many of their needs. Neglect can include poor hygiene, isolation, slips and falls, dehydration or malnutrition, bedsores, and more.
  • Sexual Abuse – Due to many acts of sexual assault and abuse going unreported, many families are surprise to discover that sexual abuse in nursing homes is much more common than they would believe. In light of the difficult nature of these cases, families need to take claims voiced by their loved one’s seriously, watch for warning signs (changes in behavior, self-isolation, depression, etc.), and take immediate and decisive action when sexual abuse is suspected.
  • Financial Exploitation – Caregivers often take advantage of residents in vulnerable states of health by financially exploiting them. This may involve deceit, secretiveness, or even intimidation in order to extort money or gain access to important financial assets.

Being vigilant of warning signs of abuse, neglect, and preventable injuries is important for any family that has placed their trust in a nursing home – especially as many residents are unwilling or unable to make their voices heard. In addition to pursuing nursing home abuse claims against the responsible providers, fighting for justice, and securing the compensation clients deserve, our legal team also represents families in wrongful death lawsuits following the preventable loss of their loved ones.

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