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Premises liability is a specific area of law that concerns the obligations of land, property and business owners to provide safe and healthy conditions for guests and visitors. Generally, persons lawfully on the premises who experience injuries or illnesses on another person's property may be able to receive compensation through a personal injury claim. However, it must be proven that a premises owner's negligence, carelessness or failure to meet regulations and requirements directly resulted in an injury causing incident.

In order to clarify premises liability law and the rights of injured victims, it should be made clear that in order for this field of law to be applicable during claims, the following elements must be present:

Property Owners

The defendant in a premises liability claim is the owner or possessor of the land or premises on which an injury occurred. Depending on the circumstances involved, this may be a private residence or business.

Invitees or Licensees

Guests and visitors or public patrons can be legally defined as invitees. Licensees are individuals who are granted permission to enter a property for a specific reason. For example, this may include licensees who are permitted to enter a property by that may or may not be open to the general public, such as public service workers or technical laborers. In order to premises liability to apply, an injured victim must be an invitee or a licensee or otherwise legally on the premises, as trespassers are not usually protected under this area of law. There are some exceptions, however, especially in cases that involve young children.

Negligence or Wrongful Acts

All personal injury claims must establish negligence or a wrongful act committed by a premises owner or by a subordinate employee. In some cases, premises owners may be held responsible for injuries that are caused on the property by a third party, but these present very complex legal issues. An example may be situations involving assault and insufficient security. When negligence or wrongful acts can be conclusively proven, premises owners will be held liable for compensated injured victims. Also, where the owner has hired another to perform inherently dangerous work on the premises (for example blasting), the owner is liable for any injury caused by that work.

A few examples of the negligence and conditions for which premises owners can be held liable for injuries or illnesses include:

  • Insufficient lighting
  • Wet or slippery floors and slip and fall accidents
  • Holes
  • Hazardous or toxic conditions
  • Health and safety code violations
  • Insufficient warnings or signs
  • Poorly maintained walkways and equipment
  • Inherently dangerous work

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