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Divorce & Family Law - Successful Appeal

Appeal to the N.H. Supreme Court of an Interstate Child Support Case

Successful appeal to the N.H. Supreme Court of an interstate child support case involving significant child support arrearages owed by a New Hampshire resident to a former spouse.

Divorce & Family Law - Dismissed

False Accusations of Child Molestation Against Parent

Client was accused of sexually molesting his children. Two petitions for abuse were filed by the Division of Children, Youth and Families. After the Court held an adjudicatory hearing on the matter, both petitions were dismissed and the client was reunited with his children.

Divorce & Family Law - Charges Dropped and Case Dismissed

Domestic Violence Case

Client had a domestic violence restraining order entered against him for threats of physical harm against opposing party. Client also charged criminally with multiple violations of the restraining order. Evidence demonstrated that opposing party initiated contact and was not afraid of client. Following a hearing, restraining order was dismissed and criminal charges were dropped.

Divorce & Family Law - Client Awarded Custody

False Accusations of Child Neglect in Child Custody Case

Client had minor son removed from her care based on allegations of alcohol abuse. Evidence showed opposing party had fabricated evidence, made false accusations against client, and testified falsely. Following a lengthy final hearing, Court vacated its original order and awarded primary residential responsibility to client.

Divorce & Family Law - Case Won

International Relocation - Family Law Case

The Petitioner filed a petition with the Portsmouth Family Division to prevent the Respondent from traveling to India with the parties' minor child. She argued that she was fearful the Respondent would not return. The Marital Master found that the Respondent presented no risk of flight, and denied the Petitioner's Motion. The Petitioner appealed the issue to the Supreme Court arguing that because India was not a signatory to the Hague Convention, her fears of child abduction were credible.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court held that while a foreign country's Hague Convention signatory status should be a significant factor for the trial court to consider, it cannot, standing alone, be determinative of whether it is in the best interests of a child to travel with the parent outside of the country. As a result of this decision, the Petitioner has been able to enjoy international travel with the minor child, to India where his extended family continues to reside.

Divorce & Family Law - Confidential

Represented Father in Child Custody and Relocation Case

Client had joint parenting responsibility with his ex-wife following their divorce. Due to declining economy client was forced to relocate from New Hampshire to California for an employment opportunity. Client was awarded primary parenting rights and was allowed to relocate with his child to California on both a temporary and final basis.

Divorce & Family Law - Custody Won

Successfully Represented Father in Relocation Case

Client's ex-girlfriend was given permission on a temporary basis to relocate from New Hampshire with his two minor children to North Carolina. After a two day final hearing, the Family Division Court found that the mother's relocation was not for a reasonable purpose and ordered her to relocate back to New Hampshire so that client could have frequent parenting time with his children.

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