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For more than 30 years, our legal team has been serving institutional and individual clients throughout northern New England, including New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. By providing specialized legal services, unyielding commitment, and extensive resources, we have assisted clients through the frustrating and demanding legal proceedings in order to secure favorable case results. As such, we have been widely recognized throughout the legal industry and appreciated by our many satisfied clients. Read through some of our client testimonials to learn ways in which Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. genuinely cares about the clients we represent.

Thank you so much for the outstanding representation you gave me. I had the utmost of confidence in you, your expertise and professionalism. I'm am forever grateful.
Cinde Warmington has worked with our state and national association to assure Nurse Anesthetist practice in New Hampshire. She has been invaluable in dealing with state and national issues that arose with regard to payment and practice. Cinde is well versed in current practice standards both within our state and nationally. She was instrumental in crafting wording for national guidelines which would reflect on Nurse Anesthesia daily practice and payment in New Hampshire. She is always accessible and she is a quite a calming influence on our association. Just knowing that she is just a call or email away and working on our behalf when we needed her was always reassuring. New Hampshire residents have access to many rural anesthesia and pain management services thanks to Cinde Warmington!
Bill Christie, Esquire has handled a variety of my legal issues from personal to corporate since 2007 -- negotiating successful resolutions in both district and federal court. From inception to conclusion, Bill and his staff are responsive and communicate the complicated legal issues carefully and meticulously in a manner a layperson can understand. The quality of service I have received from Bill Christie is second to none. He has proven time and again to absorb a complete mastery regarding our extremely complicated cases. As a business owner I look for value received for money spent. I can honestly say that Bill Christie is the best value for the money Harbour Capital has spent for the past several years. Simply put, with Bill Christie on my side I sleep well at night.
I hired Attorney Harrington to represent me in my DUI case. I had never been charged with anything before, or even been to court, so I had no idea what to expect. My case had an excellent outcome (charge was thrown out), but just as important, Tim educated me on the entire process and made sure I was not put into any situation where i was unprepared. Tim impressed me with both his legal knowledge and his ability to explain what was happening in plain language. His paralegal, Ms Jennifer Cinfo, was also extremely helpful with updating me on the status of my case when needed and answering my questions when Tim was busy in court. I recommend this firm highly.
Thank you for your guidance, advice, professionalism, and support. This divorce did not progress as I would have hoped or expected but your counsel and efforts did get me to the outcome that I am happy and comfortable with. I feel better knowing my interests are well represented as I begin the next chapter of my life.
I would recommend the Law Firm Shaheen and Gordon to anyone who is looking for legal advice and representation. The legal advice I was given helped me tremendously through my custody case. As difficult as the whole process was for me, I knew I could count on my attorney to be straightforward with me when I most needed it.
It has been over two years since the chaos in my life began and it's almost been a year now since the divorce. It has been a very reflective period of time for me since the divorce was finalized. I finally find myself in a good place, a peaceful place. I do want to sincerely thank you for all you did for me. I know you will say that was your job. But it was more than that. You were a very calming presence in what was the most tumultuous of time of my life for me. You didn't push. I appreciated your guidance and support as well as the times you played devils advocate to ensure I looked at all aspects of decisions. You were straightforward with your guidance and would explain why you thought something. I had no doubt ever that you were equally aligned with me in ensuring that we were striving for what was best for my sons and that was all that mattered to me. It was a very bumpy road to get to you, as you remember, and I wish I had found you sooner as I believe it certainly would have helped to alleviate much anxiety and time. They have all these great tools on finding doctors and contractors, they need a solid one for finding legal help. I would have absolutely no reservations on recommending you or your firm to anyone who needed your services. Thank you again for everything.
I could not be more satisfied with the representation provided by Shaheen and Gordon, P.A. specifically by Attorney Jim Rosenberg. Our son found himself in a difficult legal circumstance that required local understanding of the court, the offense and the options available. Attorney Rosenberg was accessible from day one; extremely knowledgeable relative to the options available and prepared for each potential situation. Ultimately, despite Attorney Rosenberg’s best efforts to resolve outside of trial, the case was tried and this is where Attorney Rosenberg’s experience, knowledge of the law and courtroom presence were most valuable. The case was dismissed thanks to Attorney Rosenberg’s framing of the compelling arguments of the case.
Tim Harrington is not only an outstanding lawyer but a caring and empathetic individual who fully understands the tribulations associated with being charged with a criminal complaint. During my DUI case his legal expertise was superb. Moreover, he was responsive and informative to my needs as his client and always provided clarity to the legal proceedings each step of the way. It was a pleasure working with Tim and as a result of his diligent work the DUI charges were dropped and a subsequent agreement was reached that was more equitable. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being charged with DUI, your first call should be to Tim and his staff at Shaheen & Gordon. I guarantee you it will be the best investment you'll ever make!!
I got arrested on a federal drug charge in May 2012. I immediately retained Timothy Harrington of the law firm Shaheen & Gordon, Dover office. Tim was a beast in and out of the court room. He shut that case down and made the prosecutor look like a rookie and justice was served as I was found not guilty by a jury on Oct. 3rd, 2012. For a federal prosecution guilty verdict rate of 90% or so I'd say Timothy Harrington is an excellent lawyer and i would recommend him to anyone!!!!
I just wanted to say that I think you did an outstanding job. I don’t think any other mediator that I have used in my entire career would have had a snowball’s chance in Hades of settling that case. None would have kept with it as long as you did. Most would have informed me the case could not be settled within 4 hours. You are, by far, the most effective mediator I have ever used. Great job!
Celine was there for me 24/7 answering my questions and concerns, no matter when I asked them. As a matter of fact, when I placed my initial call to her firm on a Sunday (after having just been released from the hospital), leaving a voicemail message for her after ‘selecting’ her based on her professional profile, she returned my call promptly Monday morning satisfying all of my initial concerns; never once pushing me towards “a case” or not, just answering my queries quite candidly. Her counseling and advice helped my husband and me to make decisions along the way that not only helped with the case itself, but also helped with us beginning to heal emotionally after the injury I sustained. I pray to never have to use the services of a Personal Injury attorney ever again, but if I do or if I know of anyone who needs one, I most certainly would highly recommend Ms. Boyle.

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