Trade Secrets

Most companies spend significant time and money developing better ways to do business. They develop processes, strategies and plans and use them to gain an advantage in the marketplace. Most businesses would credit these proprietary efforts with the success of their businesses.

How do they protect this investment? Many companies require that employees sign restrictive agreements agreeing that they have had access to these hard earned trade secrets and agreeing that they belong to the company further agreeing not to take or misuse those secrets in any way, either while they are employed, or, more importantly, after the employee leaves the company.

These agreements are crucial to the protection of trade secrets as they both motivate the employee not to misuse company secrets and provide the company a clear and harsh remedy if the employee breaches the agreement. Today most employees expect that an employer will take some steps to protect important business assets, especially trade secrets.

Helping Draft & Enforce Trade Secret Agreements in New Hampshire

At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. we draft and enforce trade secrets agreements as well as other similar employment agreements such as non-competition and non-interference agreements. Protection of competitive advantage is more important than ever and careful drafting of enforceable agreements is crucial to long term success and business advantage.

Regular review of restrictive agreements is important to ensure that older agreements comply with current and ever changing laws. Having no agreements or hoping for the best with old and outdated ones risks the loss of the competitive advantage. The lawyers at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. bring years of experience to the successful protection of trade secret.

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