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Are you facing a family law issue or lawsuit? There might be many ways to move forward, but no matter what you choose to do, don’t handle it alone. Instead, team up with Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. and our family law attorneys in Portland, Maine. We are known across the state and beyond for our compassionate, professional approach to family law cases of all sorts.

Different family law cases that we handle include:

  • Divorce: When it is time to end your marriage, you’ll want to make sure it is ended the right way. We would be happy to guide you through your divorce, whether you are the one who is initiating the divorce filing or the one who was handed divorce papers.
  • Alimony: In Maine, the term “Spousal Support” is used instead of alimony. If you make significantly less income than your spouse, then you may be able to request spousal support payments, which are provided monthly by the spouse of greater income and are meant to keep you from falling into financial disparity after the divorce. There are several types of spousal support and our family law team can help determine what makes the most sense in your case.
  • Child support: Children’s lives should not be disrupted or damaged due to a divorce, especially due to financial reasons. Child support orders depend on factors such as each parties’ income and who is providing majority of care for the child. The money gained through a child support order must be used to benefit the child’s well-being.
  • Parental rights and responsibilities: Instead of child custody, Maine family courts usually use the term ‘parental rights and responsibilities.’ Parental rights and responsibilities, including parenting time/schedules, decision-making, and residential responsibilities, can be shared or allocated to one parent. The courts determine this based on the child’s best interests.
  • Property division: In a divorce, you and your spouse will have to decide what to do with marital property, or property that you owned together or obtained while married. Our property division lawyers can help make sure this division stays fair and that you don’t risk losing any highly important or sentimental pieces of property.
  • Relocation: Moving is never easy, but it can be downright complicated if you want to move as a divorced parent. Your parental rights and those of your ex-spouse will need to be considered before you can move away, especially if the planned move takes you to another city, county, state, or country.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Many engaged couples decide to plan for divorce, “just in case,” by creating a prenuptial agreement. Using this type of agreement, you can preset some rules of divorce, like how to fairly split certain pieces of property. The right prenup can save both spouses a lot of stress, even if they never want to get a divorce.
  • Modifications: You never know when life will change. Some of those changes could disrupt a family court order or make the order’s requirements untenable. A modification petition can be used to ask the court to change or terminate an order, but you’ll have to prove why it is necessary and why it won’t be harmful to your child’s best interests.
  • Domestic violence: If you have been injured through acts of domestic violence or sexual assault, then we can help you get a protective order to put a stop to it. Our attorneys are also here to listen if you’ve been wrongfully accused of domestic violence and now need to protect your rights and name.

Our Portland, Maine family law attorneys are here to help however we can. Please call (207) 222-7261 or contact us online now.

What Can a Family Lawyer Do for You?

The importance of a family law case’s outcome cannot be overstated. No matter what happens, your family dynamic will change based on the conclusion, which could include one or more family court orders. To avoid unnecessary delays and complications, you should put one of our Portland, Maine family lawyers in charge of your case from the beginning.

We are here to handle all parts of your family law case, such as:

  • Investigating the situation and looking for relevant evidence like financial reports in a parental rights case.
  • Drafting petitions to present to the court or divorce papers to serve your spouse.
  • Responding to inquiries or challenges, so your case can keep moving forward.
  • Looking for solutions that work for all involved members of your family, which can help keep tensions low.
  • Representing you during hearings, negotiations, and court cases.
  • Making sure you feel heard and respected as the case progresses.
  • Providing moral support for when the case gets tough and arguments run high.

What is Family Law Mediation?

Not all family law cases will go to court for a resolution. Many will enter mediation, which aims to settle the matter with cooperation and the guidance of a third-party mediator. Some family law judges will even require mediation to be attempted before allowing a case to proceed to trial.

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. can help you prepare for mediation, so you aren’t at a disadvantage during the discussions. We can also represent you during mediation if needed.

Arrange a Consultation with Our Family Lawyers in Portland, ME

If you’re dealing with a family law issue right now, or you expect one to unfold soon in the future, there is no better time to call (207) 222-7261 and connect with a Portland, Maine family law attorney from our firm. We are here to guide you through the entire process and protect your best interests the entire time. No family law case is too challenging for our highly experienced team, so reach out to us the moment you need help.

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