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If you were arrested for drunk driving, you need an attorney with the right experience to help you avoid the consequences of a conviction. In Maine & New Hampshire, drunk driving is called operating under the influence (OUI) - sometimes known as DUI - and an OUI conviction could lead to serious legal penalties.

In Maine, our clients are uniquely dependent on their driving privilege to support themselves and their families. A conviction for impaired driving may result in personal and professional consequences which our attorneys understand. Our lawyers are trained in the field sobriety tests that law enforcement rely upon to build their drunk driving cases and use that training to establish reasonable doubt in their cases. They also understand the nuances of breath and blood testing and regularly identify legal and scientific issues to challenge breath and blood alcohol results. More and more, state and local police pursue cases based on recreational and prescription drug impairment, which present a range of different legal issues. Our lawyers are prepared to respond to these challenges.

After an arrest, it is imperative that you speak with our qualified Maine OUI defense lawyers as soon as possible. For the aggressive legal advocacy that you need, contact our criminal defense team at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. today. Our firm has served clients for more than 60 years and is ready to help you.

Maine's Zero Tolerance Law

According to the Bureau of Highway Safety, individuals under the age of 21 are subject to special laws. Maine's zero tolerance law states that it is unlawful for any person younger than 21 years of age to operate – or attempt to operate – a vehicle with any measureable alcohol in their system. Persons 21 years and older cannot drive with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) that exceeds .08%.

Drunk Driving Practice Areas

Standard OUI is usually a misdemeanor offense, but special circumstances can lead to harsher penalties and more severe charges. For example, a BAC of .15% or higher is considered an "aggravating factor," and can lead to additional penalties, such as a mandatory jail sentence. Other aggravating factors include OUI involving a car accident, injury to a third party, or a fatal crash. Our OUI practice areas include:

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Our OUI defense attorneys are qualified and ready to fight for your rights against any criminal charge, including a standard first offense OUI, felony OUIs and OUIs with aggravating circumstances. For additional information about your legal options, speak with an attorney from our firm. You don't have any time to waste, so schedule your initial evaluation when you call our law office today.

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