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DWI Expungements in New Hampshire

New Hampshire DWI Attorney Representation

Convictions for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New Hampshire carry serious consequences including long term license losses, high fines and jail sentences in subsequent and aggravated offense convictions. More and more, DWI convictions also result in the stigma attached with both a criminal record and a history of drug or alcohol abuse. Personal relationships, employment opportunities and financial independence often suffer as a consequence of a criminal record. Our New Hampshire DWI lawyers can help you address those circumstances.

New Hampshire law permits petitions to annul and expunge the record of an arrest and a conviction under certain circumstances, including in DWI cases. At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., our NH DWI attorneys take every legal step toward improving your future.

What is expungement?

A DWI expungement can help you get your life back on the right track. Once a conviction is annulled, the law requires that the person be treated as if they were never arrested and convicted except under certain circumstances. New Hampshire law relating to annulments is changing in 2013 such that annulled criminal convictions may remain on a record, but have an entry on the record making clear that the conviction has been annulled. Undertaking the annulment process can help protect your personal and professional options moving forward. Successful annulment means that you can legally state that you have never been convicted of a crime on your job applications.

You must wait a period of time following conviction and completion of a sentence in order to annul a criminal offense. The period of time required to annul a criminal conviction for DWI is longer than many other criminal offenses. A person convicted of DWI or Aggravated DWI must wait for 10 years from the date of conviction before filing a petition to annul a DWI conviction.

If your expungement is approved, your DUI or DWI conviction will not be erased, but it will be marked on your record as having been annulled and you must be treated as if you have never been convicted. An annulled DWI conviction may only be used against you in the future for purposes of sentencing in a new Aggravated DWI case. Educational, employment and financial applications often request information regarding criminal convictions and the way you answer these critical questions may depend on successful efforts to annul your criminal DWI conviction.

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