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DUI Appeals

DUI Appeals

DWI Attorney for Appeals in New Hampshire

If you have been charged with a DUI in New Hampshire you face both and administrative license suspension and a court imposed penalties following a conviction. There is a process to object to the administrative license suspension and have a hearing. The result of that hearing may be appealed to the Superior Court. Separately, you have the right to fight the criminal charge of Driving While Intoxicated in court, including the right to a trial. A first offense conviction in court may be appealed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. A DWI subsequent offense or Aggravated offense conviction may be appealed to the Superior Court for a jury trial.

Any further appeal from there is to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. A conviction for DWI is a crime, may result in a long term license loss and jail for serious offenses.

Our NH DWI attorneys know that protecting your rights does not end after trial. They are also seasoned appellate advocates and know how to protect your appellate rights. A New Hampshire DWI attorney can guide you through the process of regaining your drivers' license. DWI and DUI laws are unnecessarily complex, Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.'s DWI lawyers can help bring clarity to the process, explaining how to protect your rights along the way.

The DWI Appeal Process

DUI appeals from administrative hearings or criminal trials in court can be complicated to understand. Our New Hampshire DWI defense lawyers can guide you through the process. Through pretrial motions and objections during trial, our attorneys make it appoint to preserve important issues for appellate review. At the conclusion of an administrative hearing or trial, our DWI lawyers offer guidance on appellate rights. Where clients seek to pursue an appeal, they perfect required court filings, mindful of quick deadlines. They then draft appropriate pleadings in order to advance the most compelling arguments to reverse a conviction or administrative finding.

New Hampshire DWI Lawyer with Offices in Concord, Dover & Manchester

If you have received a guilty verdict, as the defendant, you have the opportunity to apply to a higher court. First time DWI convictions may be appealed directly to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Subsequent DWI and Aggravated DWI convictions may be appealed to the Superior Court for a jury trial, where a 12 person jury must unanimously agree on guilt in order for a conviction to enter.

If you would like to learn more about the appellate process in DWI cases contact our firm at your earliest convenience!

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