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Attorney Fees

Working Closely With Clients

Knowing our clients and understanding their goals is critical to securing successful outcomes. It is simply not enough to have a command of a practice area. Effective lawyers take the time to know their client, understand their objectives and establish a strategy to work toward those goals. In small engagements and large ones, we start by meeting with our client in order to learn about their background and plans for the future as well as the legal issues that they now face. Assessing client concerns allows our team of legal professionals to develop result-oriented strategies where each step in the legal process is meaningfully made, accounting for a client's ultimate objectives. Taking the time to know our clients actually improves our efficiency as lawyers.

By clearly communicating case expectations, we can streamline our representation and avoid time spent on issues that are not aimed at directly advancing client interest. Knowing our clients also improves our ability to work alongside our clients toward a positive outcome. Trusted legal advisors must account for both the strength and weaknesses of a case and realistically address a range of potential outcomes in client discussions. The better our relationship with our clients, the more effective we will be supplying advice. This is precisely why our approach is one where it is immediately important to build a positive working relationship with our clients such that we are in the best possible position to supply timely client advice when it becomes critical to do so.

Resources and Solutions

We have been representing clients in a wide range of practice areas for years, becoming knowledgeable in our field and familiar with the communities we serve. Our repeat success permits us to be more effective and efficient moving forward. Our relationships in the legal community and with industry experts along with the institutional experience of a firm nearly 40 years old and with over 40 lawyers means that we provide our clients with the streamlined legal assistance that can significantly reduce time and costs. Though every client and every issue is unique, there are few subjects in our practice areas that we have not seen before. As such, the benefit of our own institutional experience allows us to eliminate a number of overhead costs and bureaucratic inefficiencies that characterize the frustration so many feel when dealing with lawyers. We also rely on technology to permit us to move faster whether conducting legal research, communicating inside or outside of the office or preparing a presentation for a courtroom or business meeting.

While our goal is to solve legal problems using proactive and cost-effective solutions, we also understand that certain cases may benefit from our ability to utilize our firm's extensive resources. For example, if our legal team determines that the strength of a client's case and ultimate resolution can be increased by infusing our resources into thorough investigations and trial proceedings, we have the ability to pursue such valuable options. This is especially true in personal injury law, where our firm can level the playing field between clients and large companies in order to obtain the maximum compensation possible.

More About Attorney Fees

We understand that many prospective clients in need of legal representation experience hesitancy as a result of financial concerns. This is why we always address these issues in an up-front, immediate and unvarnished manner during consultations.

If you would like to learn more about your case, what you can expect and the ways in which our firm can provide you with successful and cost-efficient legal solutions, contact Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. today.