Road Rash Injuries

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With limited protection and safety equipment, motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable to suffering injuries, catastrophic injuries and fatalities during accidents. One of the most common physical injuries that occur during motorcycle accidents is known as road rash. This term is used to describe the soft tissue damage and skin abrasion that happens when riders hit or scrape their bodies against pavement, gravel or ground. Depending on a variety of factors involved in an accident, particularly speed and the amount of protection worn, road rash can range in severity from minor skin abrasions to extensive tissue, muscle and bone damage that require serious medical attention. Road rash primarily affects a rider's limbs, face, hands and back. There are also two types of categories medical professionals use to classify road rash injuries:

Avulsion Injuries
Scrapes that strip away layers of skin and leave fat, muscle, or bone partially exposed are referred to as avulsion injuries. These injuries frequently require emergency medical attention and complicated procedures such as skin grafts.

Compression Injuries
Road rash compression injuries involve scrapes in which force is applied, as is the case when riders are caught between their motorcycles and the pavement. Compression injuries are often very serious and can result in severe tissue damage, bone fractures, and loss of limbs.

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No matter the extent of your road rash injury, you should never have to bear the financial burden of paying for medical treatment when another driver is responsible for causing an accident. A personal injury claim can allow you and your family to recover damages for medical bills and any lost wages that resulted from your inability to work. In addition, you may also be awarded compensation for your pain and suffering and subsequent emotional damages.

As the claim process is rife with intricate legal work, technical areas of law and prone to many difficulties, it is always a wise decision early on to consult experienced legal representation. Our firm offers free case evaluations during which you can learn more about our legal team, your personal injury claim and how our New Hampshire lawyers can be of assistance. Contact Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., today.

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