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End Distracted Driving

Saco, Maine Attorneys to Give End Distracted Driving Talks to Area High Schools

At Shaheen & Gordon, we are deeply concerned about what has been called a “growing epidemic” of distracted driving, resulting in needless deaths and injuries on our roadways. In light of this, we resolved to do our part in combating the problem by partnering with the End Distracted Driving Program, a growing, nation-wide initiative.

End Distracted Driving was started by Joel Feldman, a practicing attorney and father out of California, who lost his daughter, Casey, in 2009. Casey’s promising young life was tragically ended at age 21, when she was struck and killed by a distracted driver while walking across a road.

Traffic crashes are now the leading cause of death for teens, and the vast majority of teen crashes are caused by some type of common driver distraction.

With the help of traffic safety professionals, physicians and behavioral scientists the End Distracted Driving power point presentation was developed to maximize opportunities for teen reflection upon driving attitude and behavior change. The evidence-based presentation is not confrontational, but invites the students to help solve a nation-wide problem of distracted driving.

The presentation has been given to more than 200,000 teens across the country, but hadn’t made its way up to Maine until now. Attorneys Celine Boyle and Timothy Beaupre will be giving End Distracted Driving presentations to area high schools and want to extend an invitation to you to keep our children safe through raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. The presentation can be given in classrooms or assemblies, and there is no charge.

If you are interested in hearing the End Distracted Driving talk at a local high school, please contact Shaheen & Gordon at the Saco, Maine Office at 207-282-1527 and ask for Kylie Sebert, Celine Boyle or Tim Beaupre.