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How to Avoid a Halloween DWI

Fun-sized candy bars are one thing, but overdoing it on alcohol can turn Halloween fun into a nightmare. Since Halloween is on a Friday this year, many people are gearing up for late-night parties without having to go to work in the morning. In the midst of the festivities, remember to stay safe not only for your own sake, but for the safety of others as well. You will be doing yourself a favor by avoiding the scary possibility of a Halloween DWI, which can include penalties like jail time, fines, and the loss of your driving privileges.

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. asks you to keep the following considerations in mind when planning your Halloween fun:

  • Moderate your drinking. Alcohol-related DWIs are the most common type of DWI, and police will be on the lookout for drunk drivers on Halloween night. Even if you don’t feel drunk, chances are that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) could easily be over the legal limit of .08 after a night of partying. If you plan to drive home after a Halloween party, either plan not to drink at all or moderate your drinking.
  • Get a ride home. Not driving at all is one of the most effective ways to avoid a Halloween DWI. Ride-sharing services, taxis, and public transits are great options for getting home safely. It is also wise to designate a driver who will not be drinking, or to stay the night with a family or friend.
  • Steer clear of drugs, including prescriptions. Driving under the influence of drugs is another type of DWI. Drugs impair your ability to operate a vehicle safely because they slow your reaction time and decrease your ability to focus. Even prescription medications prescribed by your doctor can affect your driving, so stay away from them while you are on the road.
  • Don’t wear a mask while driving. Halloween masks obscure your vision, especially at night, and are not safe to wear while operating a vehicle. Remove your mask or any other headwear before you drive to avoid giving an officer any reason to pull you over.
  • Beware the morning after! Did you know that a person can still be drunk the morning after drinking, even if they have slept through the night? Depending on the person and how many drinks they consumed the night before, a person could still risk a DWI if they get pulled over the following day. Planning to drive home on November 1st? Make sure that you have given your body enough time to recover.

These tips are not meant to condone overindulgence in alcohol or drugs, but they certainly can help you steer clear of a drunk driving arrest that can not only ruin your evening, but also your future.

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