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Strafford Man Found Not Guilty of Attempted Murder

A jury found a Strafford man not guilty of attempted murder and three other felony first-degree assault charges after a lengthy trial. The charges against Kevin Hinrichsen, 51, stemmed from a confrontation with his daughter’s ex-boyfriend. Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.’s Timothy Harrington successfully convinced the jury Hinrichsen was acting in self-defense against the alleged victim, who had a domestic violence order filed against him by his client’s daughter.

Attorney Harrington said: “We are truly heartened that the Jury took its responsibility seriously, digested the emotional testimony from trial and rendered a fair and just verdict, finding our client not guilty of the felony offenses of Attempted Murder and Second-Degree Assault. Days like these affirm the principals of our system of justice and demonstrate again that New Hampshire juries get it right.”

The incident took place last April at the Park & Ride located along Route 4A in Northwood. According to court filings, the defendant and his wife had gone out looking for their daughter one night when she didn’t come home. They found their daughter in a truck in a parking lot with her ex-boyfriend, who was brandishing a knife. The defendant and the victim got into a fight, which ended when the alleged victim was stabbed in the chest with his own weapon, collapsing his lung.

“This is self-defense,” Harrington said during the trial’s opening statements. “This kid crept into this good family's life, ripped it apart. This is a good man. He's not guilty.”

Mr. Harrington’s client was convicted of only a misdemeanor simple assault and criminal mischief charge for biting the victim in the face during the fight and slashing one of his tires. The trial was one week long in Rockingham County Superior Court.

Read more about this case online via Union Leader.

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