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Faye Goldberg Joins Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. are pleased to announce our newest member of the firm, Faye R. Goldberg. Her extensive experience will be an enormous boon to our practice. Ms. Goldberg’s area of law is focused primarily on family law, which can help people going through divorce, legal, separation, post-divorce matters, and parenting rights and responsibilities.

Our new attorney began practicing law in 1986 at Casassa and Ryan in Hampton, New Hampshire. There, she continued to practice for the next 30 years, focusing on family law. Ms. Goldberg is experienced with helping clients through mediation, settlement negotiations, and litigation.

Anyone who needs help with complex domestic relations or parenting disputes can count on Ms. Goldberg to provide excellent representation and guidance. She can also help people with dividing small and large marital estates, such as couples who need help with residential and commercial properties, businesses, trusts and pensions, alimony, and insurance—aspects of family law that can be significantly difficult.

If you’re having difficulties agreeing with your spouse about child custody and support, she has also dealt with contested issues involving children in divorce and paternity cases. She has also managed to work on cases dealing with residential placement, parenting, schedules, co-parenting, and child support.

Her ability to practice is matched with her responsibility as an attorney. Not only does she provide legal counsel, but she works in close collaboration with other professionals in areas such as real estate, retirement benefits, parenting abilities, tax implications, financial planning, and business valuations to provide comprehensive representation to her clients that suit their cases.

We are very happy to welcome Ms. Goldberg at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. and look forward to her future contributions to the firm.