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10 Types of Employment Discrimination under New Hampshire & Federal Law

The right to be free from discrimination in the workplace is one of the hallmarks of our nation’s legal principles. Federal law protects employees from being discriminated against for a number of reasons. New Hampshire state law also prohibits discrimination in the workplace, and adds additional protections not necessarily covered by federal legislation.

If you or someone you love believe you are a victim of employment discrimination, remember that you have rights and that our New Hampshire employment law attorneys at Shaheen & Gordon can help you better understand how to assert those rights. Discrimination in the workplace should never be tolerated, and by making your voice heard, you can not only secure justice and recompense for your damages, but also compel employers to take steps that ensure other employees are not discriminated against in the future.

Under federal law, companies with 15 or more employees must comply with several laws prohibiting employment discrimination, including Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Further, federal law requires companies with 4 or more employees to comply with discrimination rules involving Citizenship under the Immigration Reform & Control Act (IRCA). In the State of New Hampshire employers are covered by the state's anti-discrimination laws if a company employs 6 or more workers.

For employees covered by anti-discrimination laws, it is important to understand what types of discrimination are prohibited. These include:

1. Race / Color

2. Nation of Origin

3. Religious beliefs

4. Gender, sexual harassment, pregnancy and birth, and related medical issues 5. Physical or mental disability 6. Age 7. Genetic information 8. Citizenship status (Federal) 9. Marital status (New Hampshire) 10. Sexual orientation (New Hampshire)

At Shaheen & Gordon, our employment lawyers are passionate about protecting the rights of employees who have suffered as a result of workplace discrimination. No one should have to endure discrimination, and with the assistance and support of our experienced and compassionate legal team, you can navigate the legal channels through which you can assert your claim, hold employers liable, and secure the justice and compensation you deserve. Our employment law team has leveraged decades of combined experience to successfully represent clients in a range of employment law matters, including employee discrimination.

If you have questions about employment law, anti-discrimination laws, or how our legal team may be able to help you pursue a case for the type of discrimination you have faced, Shaheen & Gordon is readily available to review your situation and discuss your rights. Our firm proudly serves men and women throughout Northern New England from multiple locations in New Hampshire and Maine. We invite you to visit one of our conveniently located offices of contact us today.