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Massive Gas Explosion in Massachusetts Kills 1, Injures Many More

A series of explosions shook a swath of Lawrence, Massachusetts yesterday, causing widespread mayhem and fires. At this time, authorities have confirmed that one young man died due to a structural collapse caused by the explosions, which are suspected to have been caused by a gas utility leak. At least 10 other people were reportedly injured and approximately 35 homes caught on fire during the catastrophe.

Earlier in the day, Columbia Gas announced it would be working in Andover and Lawrence to improve its natural gas lines. The company claimed the project would create a safer gas utility system in the cities. It is suspected at this time that a defect in the utility system, or the error of a Columbia Gas worker, might have caused a pressurization issue in one of the gas mains, triggering an explosion that rapidly spread throughout the system.

Multiple homes, businesses, schools, and other buildings were evacuated as a precaution. Many of those locations, including schools throughout the region, remain closed still. Investigations continue into the exact cause of the explosions.

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