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Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. Delivers Home Automation Systems to Granite State Independent Living

Injury Board Day of Action is an annual movement to support people with disabilities in local communities. Every year, the nation’s leading trial lawyers collaborate to improve the lives of the catastrophically injured. On December 6th, we joined the movement by delivering home automation systems to Granite State Independent Living (GSIL), a nonprofit organization based in New Hampshire.

The systems use “smart home” technology to allow homeowners and residents to remotely control lighting and indoor temperature. They can also summon assistance and monitor surveillance footage. While these tools provide high-tech convenience to the general public, they make an enormous difference in the lives of those coping with disabilities, who can now use their voices to control vital functions within their homes.

As a firm with countless personal injury clients, we regularly see paralyzed or traumatically injured accident victims struggle to adapt to life with disabilities. By partnering with GSIL, we hope to help these people regain a significant degree of independence.

Using these devices, GSIL will help therapists and doctors prepare their patients for life after leaving the hospital. Founded in 1980 by four people with disabilities, GSIL is committed to preserving the community’s independence, personal choice, and self-reliance. According to Deborah Ritcey, the nonprofit’s CEO, “Those living with a life-altering disability need the tools provided by Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. to live as independently as possible. It gives our consumers hope that the community has not forgotten them.”

We are happy to partner with GSIL and look forward to supporting local organizations for years to come.

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