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Waterville Man Arrested Following Three-Vehicle Collision

Waterville Police arrested Jose Paul Rodriquez, 44, following a three-vehicle accident. The collision resulted in a Jeep going through an entrance to the Colby College residence hall on Main Street. Another motorist was injured in the collision. Police charged Rodriquez with driving to endanger.

According to Sgt. Kyle McDonald of the Waterville Police Department, witnesses saw a 2000 BMW traveling at high speeds through the downtown area when it hit a minivan and a 2005 Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep was attempting to park in front of the Bill and Joan Alfond Main Street Commons when it was hit. The force of the collision lifted the Jeep onto the sidewalk and into the building’s entrance.

The female driver of the Jeep was injured and taken to the hospital, but the extent of her injuries hasn’t been divulged.

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We hope that the woman who was taken to the hospital suffered only minor injuries and is okay. Anytime you are driving in a densely populated area like downtown Waterville, it is crucial that you slow down and be aware of other vehicles and pedestrians. Thankfully, there wasn’t someone on the sidewalk when this Jeep was pushed out of the road and into a building.

Driving to Endanger in Maine is a Class E crime and is defined as operating “a motor vehicle in any place in a manner that endangers the property of another or a person, including the operator or passenger in the motor vehicle being driven.” Based on the facts reported in the news articles, Mr. Rodriguez was not driving in a safe manner, and this scary crash likely could have been avoided.

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