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Common Problems That Cause Truck Accidents

Whenever you are on the road with commercial trucks, you need to be aware that there is always a risk of a truck accident. How common are truck accidents, though? What is causing most of those accidents? Knowing this information could be helpful to prevent a crash.

FMCSA Truck Accident Analysis

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) collect data each year about truck accidents across the country. Using the gathered information, the causation behind many truck accidents can be uncovered. In the analysis, each crash contains a ‘critical event’ and a ‘critical reason.’ The ‘critical event’ is the ultimate decision or situation that made the truck accident unavoidable. The ‘critical reason’ is the circumstance that led to the critical event.

In the majority of truck crashes one of three common critical events are typically present:

  1. The truck runs out of empty road ahead and needs to merge into an occupied lane.
  2. The driver loses control of the truck as a result of poorly loaded cargo, road conditions, part failure, or excessive speed.

The truck is following too closely behind traffic for the conditions/tailgating. The critical reasons behind most truck accidents include:

  • The driver makes an unsafe decision like misjudging speeds or distances.
  • The driver is distracted.
  • The driver fails to perform the required action often as a result of something fatigue.

How You Can Help Prevent Truck Accidents

Using the above information about truck crashes you as a driver, can plan a little better when driving around commercial trucks. While responsibility for driving a truck safely ultimately rests with the driver, we can all help prevent a crash by being aware of what causes crashes between trucks and passenger vehicles. Be sure to send this blog to your friends and family to spread truck accident safety awareness.

Tips to help avoid truck crashes :

  • Always be extra careful when merging near a commercial truck, semi-truck, or tractor-trailer and give yourself plenty of space.
  • When possible, move to another lane when a truck is following too closely behind you.
  • If you are traveling behind or next to a truck, the driver can only see you if you can see the truck driver in their rearview side mirrors. If you can’t see the driver, he can’t see you. Always pass a truck on the left side of a truck. This gives the truck driver a much better opportunity to see your vehicle as you pass. this side has a smaller blind spot than the right side.

With these tips you can make a big difference in reducing your chances of being involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle. Always be mindful and attentive when driving and drive defensively. Don’t assume anything about what another driver will, or will not, do.

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