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Webinar: Business Surveillance From a Legal Perspective

Attorney Michael Atkins from Shaheen & Gordon’s Business Law Group recently partnered with New Hampshire Business Review to present a webinar titled Business Surveillance from a Legal Perspective.

Privacy is a hot topic for both individuals and businesses—especially in the state of “Live Free or Die”—as technology and the way we work change. From AI-assisted video analytics to keystroke loggers and online tracking, New Hampshire businesses need to keep in mind any legal implications associated with surveillance.

“Because of new technology, this is evolving,” said Atkins as he kicked off his webinar discussion with a broad overview of privacy laws. “Remember, the laws follow the technology…What rights to privacy do individuals have? It’s very clear that an individual in New Hampshire has the right to be left alone and our law protects it.”

He goes on to discuss four components of privacy that people are granted in New Hampshire:

  • Freedom from intrusion upon a person’s physical and mental solitude
  • Freedom from public disclosure of private facts
  • Freedom from publicity which places that person in a false light
  • Freedom from the appropriation of name and likeness for the benefit of another.

Following the overview of personal privacy, the webinar delves into the question of how employers can lawfully monitor employees and where they run the risk of crossing the line.

To learn more about business surveillance from Attorney Atkins, you can check out the full webinar, which was held on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

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