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Webinar: Case Studies in Business Succession Planning

Attorneys Sean O’Connell, Kirsten Allen, and Will Baker from Shaheen & Gordon’s Business Law Group recently partnered with New Hampshire Business Review to present a webinar titled Legacy on the Line: Case Studies in Succession Crises.

Succession planning is all about ensuring smooth sailing for your business’s future as it’s passed on to the next generation. In this webinar, the attorneys discussed legal best practices for business succession through three case studies of succession plans (or lack thereof) gone awry.

They discussed several instances where business owners failed to anticipate challenges associated with the transfer of their businesses or failed to maintain good governance and succession documents leading to expensive and time-consuming litigation. In all cases, a well-established succession plan could have prevented certain challenges and protected the original owner’s interests and intentions.

To learn more about the case studies and recommendations our attorneys had in these instances, you can check out the full webinar, which was held on Thursday, October 26, 2023.

If you have questions or concerns about your own business or would like to establish a succession plan, please contact our experienced team of New Hampshire business attorneys.