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At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., our Nashua estate planning attorneys understand the importance of preparing for life’s many transitions and the need to respond appropriately when situations change. It’s why we’re devoted to working closely with our clients to uncover their needs and goals. We can then deliver custom-tailored estate planning solutions that achieve their objectives in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Whether you're just starting a family, enjoying retirement, or running a successful business, our estate planning services can help provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

If you have questions about our estate planning services, call (603) 605-8144 or contact us online to request a consultation. Our team proudly serves clients across Hillsborough County and beyond.

Our Estate Planning Services

From the creation of wills and trusts to structuring important estate planning tools and directives, our multi-disciplinary approach helps folks like you protect their legacies and the futures of their families.

  • Wills & Trusts. Ensure your wishes are honored with a legally binding will or trust. Our will and trust drafting services provide families and individuals with the certainty that their assets will be distributed according to their desires. We guide you through every step, ensuring your will reflects your current life situation and future goals.
  • Estate & Trust Administration. Losing a loved one is an emotional time, and dealing with their estate can cause undue stress. Our experienced attorneys can help you through the probate or trust administration process to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and you are following all legal requirements.
  • Estate Tax Planning. Navigating the complexities of estate taxes requires professional expertise. We offer strategic tax planning to minimize the tax burden on your estate, maximizing the inheritance for your beneficiaries. With careful planning, we help ensure more of your hard-earned assets can be passed on to those you care for most.
  • Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directives. Plan for the unexpected with considerations for health care and financial decisions. Designating powers of attorney and setting up healthcare directives ensure that your preferences are respected, even if you become unable to communicate them yourself. Our attorneys can help you put in place the necessary legal documents to protect your interests.
  • Business Succession Planning. For entrepreneurs and business owners, the continuity of operations is key. Our business succession planning services allow you to pass on your commercial interests smoothly and efficiently, while also considering the impact on estate taxes and your retirement plans.
  • Charitable Planning. If you have causes close to your heart, our charitable planning services allow you to incorporate giving into your estate plan. We can help you establish foundations, advise on tax-advantaged giving, and ensure your philanthropic goals are met.
  • Elder Law and Medicaid Planning. With an aging population, planning for eldercare needs is more important than ever. Our team provides guidance on Elder Law and Medicaid planning, which can help secure quality care and preserve assets when considering long-term care.

As one of New England’s most reputable law firms, Shaheen & Gordon is equipped with a deep pool of resources that allows us to draw from the insight of a highly experienced team with backgrounds and training in multiple areas of the law.

This enables us to address issues where estate planning needs intersect with other legal matters. This includes divorce and family law cases that warrant the creation or revision of estate planning tools, personal injury settlements that create the need for formal future planning, real estate transactions, and more. In all matters involving multiple practice areas, our team works collaboratively to provide clients with seamless support.

Why Do I Need a Will or Trust?

Estate planning is an essential element of managing your personal affairs, yet it is often overlooked or postponed. Ensuring your estate is in order with tools like wills and trusts is not merely about wealth preservation; it's about making clear, legally binding decisions that will benefit you and your loved ones in the future. Here are reasons why you should consider establishing or revising your estate plan:

  • Peace of Mind for Your Legacy. Creating a will or trust ensures that your assets – no matter their size – are distributed according to your wishes after you pass. Without a will, the state decides who inherits your assets, which may not align with your preferences. By proactively addressing this, you provide peace of mind not only for yourself but also for those you care about.
  • Tax Benefits. A well-structured estate plan can minimize the impact of taxes on your estate. Through trusts and other estate planning tools, your beneficiaries may be able to receive a greater portion of your assets than they would otherwise, as there can be significant savings on estate taxes, thereby maximizing the value of your estate for your loved ones.
  • Preventing Disputes. Without clear guidance, family disputes over inheritance can arise, potentially leading to costly and stressful legal battles. A clearly outlined estate plan can prevent such disputes by providing explicit instructions on asset distribution, reducing the likelihood of confusion or challenges concerning your estate.
  • Guardianship and Care. For parents with minor children or dependents with special needs, establishing a will or trust is crucial way to provide important protections. It allows you to appoint guardians for those you love, ensuring that they will be cared for in the manner that you choose and not according to the whims of the court.
  • Privacy and Control. Compared to the public process of probate, many trusts offer a level of privacy regarding the distribution of your estate. Trusts can often be settled outside of court, which not only keeps your affairs out of the public record but can also save time and money.

Why Choose Shaheen & Gordon For Your Estate Planning?

Our dedicated team of Nashua estate planning attorneys understand the importance of preparing for life's many transitions. That's why we’ve been trusted by families, retirees, and business owners throughout New England since 1981, and why we’re known for our:

  • Experience: Our team is comprised of experienced estate planning attorneys and professionals carefully selected for their knowledge and skillset. From providing guidance through the creation of essential estate planning tools to tackling issues involving complicated estates, disputes, and disagreements, we leverage our insight to provide award-winning counsel.
  • Personalized Service: We understand that no two clients are alike and invest the necessary time into speaking with our clients to fully uncover their current situations and what it is they want to accomplish. Armed with this insight, we’re able to customize estate plans and planning strategies that best fit their circumstances, needs, and goals.
  • Proactive Planning: We help you plan for all eventualities, offering peace of mind that your estate is protected no matter the situation and that your loved ones will be taken care of when you’re not able to take care of them yourself.
  • Ongoing Support: Estate planning is an ongoing process and plans often need to be revisited or revised after major life events or when situations or objectives change. We are here to provide continuous support and to adjust your plan as life changes occur.

Plan For Tomorrow, Today. Call (603) 605-8144

Shaheen & Gordon, is a regionally recognized law firm with a reputation for providing award-winning estate planning services. If you have questions about our services and how we can help put you in control of your future, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Nashua wills, trusts, and estate planning lawyers proudly serve clients across the region from multiple office locations.

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  • Trucking Accident Causing Death Settlement $15 Million

    $15 Million settlement in trucking accident causing death

  • Wrongful Death Auto Accident $6 Million

    Settlement in an auto accident that led to wrongful death.

  • Auto Accident Led to Wrongful Death $2.8 Million

    Settlement in an auto accident that led to wrongful death.

  • Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit $2 Million

    D. Michael Noonan represented the parents of Jacob Goulet, a teen who died after being swept away in a storm drain, in a wrongful death case against the city of Nashua.

  • Pedestrian Run Over by Tractor Trailer Truck $1.7 Million

    Pedestrian injured by tractor trailer truck making illegal U-turn received a settlement of $1,700,000.00 as compensation.

  • Settlement for Second-Floor Fall Victim $1.5 Million

    A young man was injured in fall from unsafe second-floor sliding door received a settlement of $1,500,000.00 as compensation.

  • Car Strikes & Injures Motorcycle Passenger $1.25 Million

    Car runs a stop sign and strikes motorcycle on which plaintiff is riding as a passenger causing serious, permanent injuries.

  • Motorcycle Passenger Struck by Car & Injured $1.25 Million

    Woman passenger on a motorcycle injured in a car crash received $1,250,000.00 as compensation.

  • Motorcyclist Killed in Collision With Automobile $1.25 Million

    Family receives $1,250,000.00 in compensation in wrongful death claim.

  • Settlement of Estate of Worker Killed by Electrocution $1.225 Million

    Settlement was pieced together from four defendants, following the electrocution of a lineman for a cable construction company.

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