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Attorney Tracey Goyette Cote

Tracey Goyette Cote Authors New Article in Living Safer Magazine

Attorney Tracey Goyette Cote, a partner and chair of the domestic relations practice group at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., is the author of a new article recently published in Living Safer magazine. The article, entitled How to Tell the Kids You’re Getting Divorced (page 49-50 of Volume 8, Edition 2), provides helpful advice on how to focus on your children’s needs during the transition between parenting children as a couple to parenting in a post-divorce landscape.

Here are some important highlights from the article:

  • It is best for parents to tell their children about their plans for a divorce together. Children will benefit from a mutual discussion rather than hearing it from one parent or the other separately.
  • Parents should be respectful of their child’s right to have a positive relationship with both of their parents. This means that badmouthing the other parent, becoming overly emotional, or staying silent during the divorce discussion are things to be avoided. A child should never have to feel like they need to choose sides.
  • When telling your child or children of your divorce, keep calm and avoid overwhelming them with your emotions. Children will take the news better if their parents are reassuring, strong, and emotionally stable.
  • Avoid giving your child any inappropriate adult information about what led to the divorce. This will further protect your child’s right to have a positive relationship with both of their parents.
  • When it comes to timing, tell your children about your plans when you are sure they are final. It is also best to choose a time that isn’t too close to other significant life events, like birthdays or family celebrations.
  • Prepare yourself for your child’s reaction. Depending on their age and temperament, they could have a wide variety of responses. Give them time to process the information and be sure to be available to talk when they are ready.

Follow the link above to read the full text of the article.

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