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Hit & Run Driver Kills Elderly Resident of Nearby Greenbriar Healthcare Nursing Home

A fatal hit and run accident occurred along the Everett Turnpike in Nashua, New Hampshire Wednesday night. Police have said a tan SUV-like vehicle struck an elderly woman who had wandered onto the highway, but the driver fled the scene before they could be identified. If you have any information about who the driver might be, New Hampshire State Police are urging you call your local sheriff’s office to make a statement.

The elderly woman who died in the accident has been identified as 68-year old Juliette Koss. According to friends of Koss, she was a resident at Greenbriar Healthcare, a nursing home that was only a few hundred feet from where the fatal accident occurred.

At this time, Greenbriar has not confirmed whether or not Juliette Koss was a resident at the nursing home. The organization claimed it would be a HIPAA violation to confirm or deny her identity as a resident there.

Police investigators have not made any official statement as to who could be held accountable for Koss’s death. The hit and run driver is a criminal suspect for fleeing the scene of an accident, but it has not been confirmed if they would be charged for other criminal violations, such as vehicular manslaughter. The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has announced it will investigate Greenbriar to ensure the nursing home facility is up to all state and federal safety and care regulations.

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