Troubleshooting Reinstatement Issues

Our NH DWI attorney team at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. believes that our responsibilities do not end at the close of a case in court. We seek to educate our clients regarding the necessary next steps to reinstate their driving privileges following a period of license loss.

After a DWI conviction, a driver must complete any required program, which may involve the successful completion of any "after care" obligations. There are insurance consequences because those with a DWI conviction must secure an SR-22 from an insurance company prior to reinstatement. There is also a reinstatement fee.

New Hampshire DWI Attorney Assistance

Following reinstatement in New Hampshire, the state issues a "probationary license" for a period of five years. This means that a probationary license holder cannot drive a motor vehicle with breath alcohol concentration of 0.03% or more. Violation of this restriction may result in an administrative license suspension, even without being under the influence of alcohol. Further, the law requires that a probationary license holder submit to a breath test and calls for additional administrative suspensions for the failure to do so regardless of impairment. The issue is similar in Maine where a conditional license issued for a period of one year for a first offense and for ten years for a second or subsequent offense. In Maine, this prohibits operation with any amount of alcohol in your blood. Massachusetts does not impose a conditional or probationary license status upon reinstatement.

Put our experience and knowledge as New Hampshire attorneys to work for you. Let us help you navigate through the legal mine fields that result from a DWI charge. With such severe consequences, get the assistance of an experienced DWI lawyer. It can make a critical difference in understanding your options, negotiating a plea bargain or winning your case at trial. Contact our attorneys at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. today, because the highest quality legal minds belong in your corner.

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