Probate & Trust Administration


Probate and trust administration is the process of collecting assets, paying any necessary debts, and distributing property to heirs or beneficiaries following the death of a loved one. The process can be complex and involve choices with unforeseen consequences.

Even with a Will, property must be distributed through the probate process, in which a court oversees an Executor to ensure that property is distributed in accordance with the wishes of the person who has died. With a trust, that process is overseen by a Trustee, generally without court supervision.

If you find yourself in the position of being an Executor or Trustee following the death of a loved one, advice from an attorney can be essential to ensure that the probate or trust administration process goes smoothly and with a minimum of unnecessary costs. Our attorneys at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., can guide you through this process, ensuring that you understand the consequences of your choices, and allowing you to focus on the needs of yourself and family members after a loved one’s death.

Postmortem Planning

Postmortem is a Latin word that means "after death." As part of the probate or trust administration process, it may be possible to engage in further estate planning on behalf of your loved one, either to fill in gaps or to take advantage of options. This process helps individuals best fulfill the decedent's wishes, minimize taxes, and ensure that their estate planning wishes are carried through and brought to completion. Because certain types of postmortem planning must take place soon after death and before heirs or beneficiaries take ownership of property, it is essential to contact an attorney before undertaking other steps.

After a loved one has passed away, our firm can help you finalize all aspects of administering and distributing your loved one’s estate or trust. At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., we can advise clients through the postmortem planning process and help them make essential and important decisions. Contact our firm for further information.

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