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Probate Litigation

Probate Litigation Attorneys in New Hampshire

Fighting for Fair Treatment When a Loved One Passes Away or Disputes Arise over an Estate or Trust

When a loved one is declining or has passed away, conflicts between family members can arise. Because these conflicts involve family and can come at a time of personal grief, they are often difficult and emotional. At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., we can fight for your interests should a legal dispute concerning a loved one’s estate arise. We also handle guardianships and more routine, non-contested estate and trust administration matters.

Whether your legal issue is simple or complex, your problems are neither too small nor too large for our firm to handle. We combine the catered attention you’ll get from a one-on-one relationship with an attorney with the vast resources of a much larger firm to make sure each client’s needs are met in a tenacious, creative, and efficient manner.

If you need a probate litigation attorney in New Hampshire to help you fight for your interests during this sensitive time, contact us online or by phone at 888-801-9916 to arrange a consultation.

Why You May Need a Probate Litigation Attorney

The probate litigation attorneys in New Hampshire at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. can fight for clients who seek to resolve disputes concerning a loved one’s estate or trust.

Common circumstances in which probate litigation can arise include:

  • Will or Trust Contests: Challenges to a will or trust’s validity or fairness based upon claims of undue influence, lack of capacity, fraud, duress, or improper execution of a document.
  • Trustee Representation: Advice to Trustees about their fiduciary responsibilities, and defense of Trustees when claims are brought against them by beneficiaries and others.
  • Beneficiary Representation: Challenges by a beneficiary to the conduct of a Trustee, or to a Trustee’s refusal to make distributions for the beneficiary’s benefit.
  • Common Law Spouse claims: Claims brought by one seeking to be recognized as a common law spouse, or seeking to defend against such claims, which give the spouse inheritance rights.
  • Guardianship: Seeking appointment of a guardian to make decisions for an incapacitated adult, including when family members disagree over who should be appointed or the need for a guardian.
  • Accounting Actions: Seeking to require a Trustee or Agent under a Power of Attorney to account for his or her actions.
  • Executor or Trustee Fee Claims: Challenges to or defense of claims of fees paid to Executors and Trustees for services rendered to an estate or trust.

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  • Probate Litigation $160,000

    Settlement in favor of trust beneficiaries

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  • Successfully Defeated Creditor's Claim Against An Estate Defeated Claim
  • Successfully Defended an Attack Against a Decedent's Last Will and Testament Dismissed

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