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Business Litigation

New Hampshire Business Litigation Attorneys

Courtroom Representation for Your Company

At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., our team of experienced business litigation lawyers is ready to help companies of all sizes in New Hampshire with their legal matters, including those that need to be resolved in state or federal court or arbitration. We have the knowledge, resources, and insight necessary to guide you through serious disputes and legal issues that may arise while running your business. Small and large businesses alike should have access to quality representation, and we deliver just that to our clients, from the inception to the resolution of a matter.

Our litigation team is responsible for the largest jury verdict in New Hampshire history—a $274.5 million award on behalf of three businessmen in a defamation suit. Call (888) 801-9916 or contact us online to speak with our business litigation lawyers.

Business Litigation Cases We Handle

Our law firm is equipped to handle a wide range of litigation matters, no matter the size or complexity. With years of practice experience and a long history of cases fought in the courtroom, our attorneys have the skills and knowledge to navigate hard-fought lawsuits and ensure that your business’s best interests are upheld and respected. We understand how important resolving these matters quickly can be for businesses, so we always strive to provide quick responses and efficient resolutions that reduce potential damages and costs by securing favorable resolutions in and out of court.

Let our New Hampshire business litigation lawyers help with:

  • Breach of Contract. When a party to a contract breaches, it can leave little choice for the other party other than to pursue litigation to seek a remedy. Often times, however, breaches result from obvious oversights, ambiguous language or other circumstances that result in confusion over contractual responsibilities. We handle all types of commercial contract claims and defenses, including operating, partnership, vendor and employment disputes. Our extensive experience, combined with our work ethic and business understanding, allow us to handle and resolve all sizes and types of contract disagreements.
  • Shareholder litigation: Few company conflicts will get as heated and complicated as a lawsuit between shareholders and the C-suite or another opposing party within the company. Whether you are facing a shareholder derivative lawsuit, a shareholder oppression claim, or any other legal issue involving the rights, interests, and activities of shareholders, you can depend on us to handle it with professionalism and tenacity.
  • Employment litigation: When a legal conflict arises between an employee and the employer, it may escalate to employment litigation in the courtroom. Employment litigation can involve accusations of discrimination, employment law violations like wage and hour issues, contract disputes, and more. Our firm is capable of standing up for your business in even the toughest situations.
  • Internal investigations: During an internal investigation, the roles and activities of a company will be analyzed for possible legal, regulatory, or internal policy violations. Depending on the outcome of an internal investigation, it can springboard the situation into litigation. Whether you want to start an internal investigation or want help navigating one that has already begun within your company, let our New Hampshire business litigation lawyers help however we can.
  • Professional licensure: Different businesses and business professionals will require different licenses to conduct business and meet federal, state, and/or local regulatory requirements. If not all professional licensure requirements are met, then it can lead to complicated litigation that is best handled by an experienced attorney.
  • Consumer protection statutes: A consumer protection statute is a law or regulation that is designed to protect consumers in America, such as those often set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), etc. Our law firm can represent your company in any legal matters related to the violation or alleged violation of consumer protection statutes that apply to your industry.

Keep in mind that business litigation cases do not always require a trial and the court to reach a conclusion. We are capable of negotiating an amicable settlement at any point during a case, which can be appreciated by both parties.

One Law Firm for All Businesses

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. is proud to be a legal ally to businesses and companies of all sorts throughout New Hampshire. We know that business conflicts can happen without warning for many different reasons. With us standing by your side and leading the way, you can trust that your business will be ready for anything, including complicated litigation. Of course, the entire time that we are representing your company, we will keep in mind the importance of upholding your business’s best interests and minimizing financial damages that could occur due to a dispute.

Our business litigation attorneys can help businesses of all sizes and types, such as:

  • Family-owned businesses
  • Small businesses
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • International corporations
  • Construction firms
  • Franchise companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Private Air Charter Transportation
  • And much more

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You have so much on your shoulders when you own or manage a business. Don’t add even more by trying to tackle commercial litigation alone. Come to Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., and speak with our New Hampshire litigation attorneys. We can quickly create a plan to handle the issue and keep your business running with as few interruptions as possible.

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  • Tortuous Interference $175,000

    A commercial client sued parent company of competitor in a tortuous interference with contract case.

  • International Arbitration – MARKS v. Presstek, 455 F.3d 7 $60,000

    Secured significant victory for a publicly traded company after briefing and oral argument before the First Circuit, when the court affirmed the dismissal of the Plaintiff's demand for arbitration of an international contract dispute.

  • New Hampshire Superior Court Settlement Reached
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Lawsuit Successfully Negotiated
  • Corporate Embezzlement Case No Incarceration
  • Suit Filed Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Successfully Negotiated
  • United States v. Mealey, Cr. 07-80-02-SM Dismissed
  • No Charges Filed in Federal Investigation Charges Dropped
  • Client Charged with Tax Conspiracy. Reduced Sentence
  • Department of Labor Case Dismissed

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