Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

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Are you thinking about leaving your current position at a company to start your own business? If the business you are looking to start-up is similar or in a related field to the line of work you are currently employed in, you may be facing a few difficulties in starting your business. Under New Hampshire law, known as the New Hampshire Trade Secrets Act (RSA 350-B), any information such as business formulas, patterns, programs, compilations, methods, techniques or processes are protected from being sold, traded or stolen.

If you leave your respected company to start your own business or move on to be employed by a competing company, it is important that you do so without breaking any contracts that you may have with your current employer. At the start of your employment, if you signed a Confidentiality Agreement or any other legal form that legally binds you to secrecy, also known as a "covenant not to compete", it is important that you abide by these laws to avoid restraining orders or injunctions or extremely expensive restitution toward your former employer. Our team at Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. can help protect you.

Protecting Employers

Are you an employer that is facing a breach of confidentiality? You need to protect your rights and your company's trade secrets. Unfair competition against your intellectual property or your trade secrets can be incredibly detrimental to your business's overall wellbeing. You have worked hard for your success and it is important that you protect it. If you fear that an employee with valuable knowledge may try to leave or start their own company, you need to work with an attorney to help you obtain restraining orders and protect your information. Contact Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. now.

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