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Employment Discrimination Lawyer in New Hampshire

Did You Face Discrimination at Work?

In the state of New Hampshire, it is illegal to discriminate against anyone regardless of race, religion, gender or and sexual orientation. You are protected under the New Hampshire Commission of Human Rights (RSA 354-A).

Discrimination can take many forms, such as:

  • Hiring preferences
  • Firing
  • Failing to promote
  • Uneven discipline
  • Unequal compensation
  • Unequal job assignments

Discrimination is a difficult thing to deal with. If you are facing any form of discrimination, it is important that you work with an attorney as soon as possible. The law protects you from wrongful discrimination. If you have been a victim, you deserve legal representation. At Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., we understand that you feel frustrated about the discrimination you are facing and we will help fight to protect your rights.

If you are facing discriminations for any of the following, you need to contact Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. today by calling (888) 801-9916 or contacting online.

Types of Discrimination Cases

  • Race and National Origin: Race and national origin discrimination can take place in any workplace. If you feel that you were wrongfully denied employment or discriminated against for your race, skin color or home country.
  • Age: You are protected from age discrimination. If an employer has discriminated against you, you may be able to receive compensation.
  • Gender: Gender discrimination is something that, unfortunately, still exists. Whether you are a male denied a position in a mostly female company or vice versa, you have rights. If you were wrongfully discriminated against, you need to work with an attorney.
  • Sexual Orientation: Under New Hampshire law, sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation cannot be grounds to deny someone employment or to terminate their employment. You are protected. If you have been discriminated against, you have rights.
  • Disability: The law provides protections for workers who have a disability. If your employer failed to provide reasonable accommodations or displayed unfair treatment towards you on the basis of your disability, you may be able to file a complaint.
  • Pregnancy: Employers are required to provide pregnant employees with certain accommodations and are prohibited from refusing to hire or fire a woman due to her pregnancy. If you have faced pregnancy discrimination, talk to our attorneys about pursuing a claim.
  • Religious: It is illegal for an employer to treat you differently due to your religious beliefs. This includes harassment, firing, creating a hostile environment, and failing to accommodate a person's religious practices (such as wearing religious clothing).

Working with Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

Under New Hampshire's Law Against Discrimination NH RSA 354-A, you are protected against wrongful discrimination. If you have been denied work, been harassed at your place of employment or wrongfully terminated because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other illegal discrimination, you need to work with Shaheen & Gordon, P.A..

We can help you even if you have been denied disability or let-go because of a pregnancy. You have rights and it is important that they are upheld.

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